Presenting #LoveUnconditionally, a short film by Tata AIA Life Insurance

Unconditional love can have different meanings for different people. For some, it means loving someone despite their shortcomings or quirks. For others, it means sticking by each other through thick and thin and beating all odds no matter what. For others it is loving someone with no expectation of any return or gain.

Tata AIA Life Insurance has chosen to showcase their personal spin on what #LoveUnconditionally means to them through a beautifully crafted film. It tells the story of a woman successfully defending herself against a ‘stalker’ who repeatedly tries to attack her. We are left impressed at her skill of tackling down the man at unexpected moments.

Towards the end of the video, however, we are shown the woman and the ‘stalker’ practicing defense at a training center. It is revealed that the pair are in fact married, and that the husband was only helping the wife perfect her self-defense skills. Although she feels guilty about hurting him, the husband brushes it off; stating that he is proud of his wife for bravely putting off the ‘stalker’ and standing up for herself.

Through this video, Tata AIA Life Insurance conveys to us that when you love unconditionally, you go to any extent to protect and guard the ones you love against any misfortune or calamity. You go to any extent to protect them and ensure that nothing gets in the way of their happiness. In fact, you help them be self-sufficient even when you are not around. This video also subtly breaks the gender stereotypes of women being meek and timid. The wife takes charge and doesn’t hold back from defending and protecting herself.

Tata AIA has been able to present their term insurance plans in a unique way, very subtly conveying their message of the need for protection. The #LoveUnconditionally campaign aptly encompasses everything a term insurance plan should offer; namely protection against an unforeseen calamity or incident, the ability to be secure and going the extra mile to ensure that the future is safeguarded. The whole family needs to be enabled to stand on their own in the face of adversity, and Tata AIA Life was successful in communicating just that!

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