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An Affordable Range of Fans launched by Orient Electric

Regarded as one of India’s leading consumer electrical brands, Orient Electric is a trusted household name for fans, lighting, home appliances, and switchgears.  Its strong manufacturing capabilities & presence in over 40 countries has earned the brand the trust of millions of customers worldwide. Orient Electric has emerged as an innovative & technologically advanced brand when it comes to its product and services. The high-quality product offering, reliability, and affordability makes it popular in both urban and rural areas of the country.

Continuing the legacy, Orient Electric has recently launched an affordable range of fans to take care of the hot summers. Orient has introduced three new fans, namely Summer Breeze Pro, Rapid Air & refreshed an existing fan named Twister. The new models are high-speed, value-for-money fansequipped with a strong and durable motor, superior paint finish, and stylish designs. These fans are available in different sweep sizes and colour options to suit different spaces and preferences. Here is a simple guide to help you make a quick decision about the option that best suits your needs!

Rapid Air:- Rapid Air is a high-speed fan with a durable and long-lasting motor. When you choose Rapid Air, it’s like paying less and getting more value with outstanding performance. This fan has a superior paint finish and heavy-duty double ball bearing for longer life. Equipped with a sweep size of 1200mm, this fan gives high air delivery. It comes with two years warranty and is available in three colors- Soft Pearl, White, and Brown. It is indeed a power-packed, value for money product available at an MRP of Rs.1,649.

Salient Features/USP –

  1. Double Ball Bearingfor smooth and noiseless operation
  2. Durable and Long-Lasting Motor
  3. Superior Paint Finishfor longer life & impeccable feel


2. Summer Breeze Pro:- Summer Breeze Pro is a trendy and modern high-speed fan to meet consumer preference in the base segment. Sitting in the middle of the room or any of the corners, Summer Breeze Pro will reach you everywhere with its superior air circulation technology.

Summer Breeze Pro has advanced PSPO Technology with 14 Pole Motor, which is the strongest in the segment. This fan comes with wider tip blades for better air circulation and a smart oval canopy for fluidic design. It has a superior paint finish and is equipped with aluminum blades for a better balance.



This fan is available in three variants/sweep size 1400mm, 1200mm & 900mm with three color options- Ivory, White, and Brown and has a warranty of 2 years.

The MRP of Summer Breeze Pro is Rs.2240 (900mm/1200mm) and Rs.2410 (1400mm).

 Salient Features/USP –

  1. Strongest motor in its category for higher durability (14 Pole)
  2. Double ball bearing for smooth & noiseless operation
  3. Wider tip blades for better air circulation
  4. Smart Oval canopy for providing Fluidic design
  5. Superior paint finish for longer life & impeccable feel
  6. Advanced PSPO technology ensures sustained airflow under fluctuating voltages
  7. High-grade copper with high permeable insulation for better efficiency & longer life.

3. Twister:- Twister is a high-speed base fan with the strongest and heaviest motor. Do you need a stylish fan that fits into your interior at a reasonable price and enough Air? The elegantly designed Twister fan adds style to any room, as it carries a superior paint finish and smart canopy for fluidic design. It comes with a double ball bearing for long life and great performance. It has a sweep of 1200mm and is available in three colors- Ivory, White, and Brown.

The MRP of Twister fan is Rs.2130 and comes with two years warranty.

Salient Features/USP –

  1. Smart Oval Canopy for providing Fluidic design
  2. Double ball bearing for smooth and noiseless operation
  3. Strongest& Heaviest motor in its category for higher durability
  4. Aluminum blades with unique twist angle to deliver higher Air over a larger area
  5. Superior paint finish for longer life & impeccable feel

When you are buying a fan, the superior air circulation can fulfill the primary need for you. OrientElectric fans help you get the style, energy-efficiency, and high-tech quotient as add-ons to the primary need. With Orient, your choice can never go wrong!

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