Save Water With These Tips to Keep Your Car Clean Without Washing

It doesn’t take much to act sensibly and practically to help save, conserve water, and also reduce water wastage. In our everyday lives, we can save water in so many ways.

One instance where we could save water would be car or automobile washing, cleaning, detailing and maintenance.

What is the Water Wastage in a Regular Car washing?

Car washing is a water exhausting activity. There is unnecessary wastage of water. In fact, regular car washing uses up to anywhere from 10 to 100 liters of water in a matter of minutes and even after this, your car is not assuredly clean.

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What Car Cleaning Measures can be undertaken generally and also during Famine or Drought Conditions?

  • To clean spots, marks, dirt on cars, hosing it down, or buckets of water are not at all required. It is only a supposition. There are so many ways, that you can follow to keep your car clean, safe and looking new!
  • When cleaning or wiping your car, see to that you wipe or clean the entire car and not just parts of it. Else your car will seemingly look dirtier as the spotlight falls on the not cleaned section of the car.
  • If using water to clean car, use it sparingly and practically. Instead of a bucket, a hose or litres of flowing water just sprayed on, it is good to use a car water sprayer that can be sprayed on to the different sections and immediately wiped off, preferably with a sponge or microfiber cloth as it absorbs dirt faster and easily. This way, the usage of water is negligible or you limit it to the bare minimum.

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  • There is some eco-friendly, car cleaning products available in the market that can just be sprayed on and the dirt is wiped off. It is that easy!
  • A microfiber towel is most handy in situations when water is unavailable. You may just require a cup of water or even a spray bottle. The towel is very handy as it wipes off dirt with no effort and literally, no water. Microfiber towels are lighter, traps dust and dirt very easily, and do not scratch the car surface. They are also very absorbent and very effective in cleaning.
  • When cleaning a car regularly with no water, wipe and dust off areas that are visible, so that your car looks clean at all times.
  • Always clean a car that is not just used. Clean it only when the engines are cooled down and it is parked in a shady area. Because hot surfaces of the car, may not be easy to clean and dirt will also not come off easily.
  • In dusty, drought hit areas, a light dust cover on cars is common. Don’t construe it as dirt, just dust it off regularly and you have a clean car, with no water used. If cleaning your car in a car wash, try steam cleaning and wiping, as water usage is very minimal.
  • Reuse, recycle should be your new motto. Use recycled water, like leftover water used to wash clothes and utensils can in turn be used to clean your cars too.
  • Rationalise, be practical and try innovative methods to clean your car with little or no water, this will help conserve water and in turn it can be used for far more important purposes.

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Preventive Steps to follow so your Car doesn’t get dirty soon

  • Try avoiding travelling in areas where you know your car would obviously get dirty sooner.
  • Bird droppings, liquids, plant and tree droppings and juices can leave marks and even eat into the paint finish. Hence avoid parking under trees or open areas as much as possible.
  • If ever you notice any droppings, remove it immediately and don’t let it dry or stay longer, this way you can safeguard your car and car cleaning can also be deferred to a later date.
  • To keep your car clean for longer periods, park it in a covered area, a covered parking area, or a garage. This way dirt accumulation is slower and your car looks clean for longer duration.
  • It is ideal to wipe your car often, regularly at least 2-3 times a week. When engaging in a dry wiping, you can remove dirt, and it will also prevent dirt from sticking on. And all that it takes is a little time, and you have a clean, neat-looking car, as if it has just been washed!
  • If ever you want to clean your car extensively, do not extend the time between the cleanings, clean it more often but prudently, of course.

What does our Global Water Reserves look like?

Globally, today, fresh water accounts for about 2.5% of total water resources and owing to our wanton ways, we are wasting, squandering and misusing fresh water very fast. Therefore, water is becoming an exhaustible natural resource. As per satellite imagery and information, it is said that a half and more of the planet’s 37 biggest aquifers are depleting at a frightening rate.

And of this 21 of them are located in the most populated nations of India and China and it is here that water levels are alarmingly low. And over decades, we are using so much more water than we can replace that it doesn’t bode well and this could only worsen situations in time.

Imagine, if in vegetated areas we are facing water-issues, what could it be in desert areas or drought hit areas? Where water is a luxury and will always be one? How would people here be conducting their everyday life? That is why it important to cultivate the habit of minimum usage maximum saving of water.

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  1. Hey Yogita, all these tips and methods makes perfect sense. All the car washes businesses should focus on using these ones, instead of their old school ones. Although, a lot of them are using some ways to recycle the water. It was a good read to end the day. 🙂

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