How to Use Smartwatches Effectively

Over the past few decades we have seen a dramatic improvement in technology. The cost-performance or even the size-performance ratios of electronics have improved so much that it almost seems ridiculous.

First we had the desktop computers that revolutionized the way a human works. Then we had mobile phones and tablets which could perform most of the functions of a desktop and could fit in our pockets. Well, now is the time for another era-The smart watch era!

For those who are unaware of what a smart watch is, it is essentially a small computer ,which looks like a watch, can be tied to your wrist and can do pretty much anything a smartphone can. No, I’m not kidding.

How to use smartwatches effectively

The need of a smart watch in day-to-day life is highly debated and if you ask whether or not you should get one… Well, it’s really up to you. But, if you do decide to get one or already got one, we have some cool tips to make the most out of your tiny beast.

Be ready to use smartwatches effectively with these tips –

  • Always have your smart watch integrated with your smartphone. Because a a smart watch is a normal watch on its own, but combine it with a phone and it could do wonders. You get all your notifications, messages and even the latest news right on your wrist! So how do you do this? Basically, a smart watch connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth. However some special software might be required depending on what phone and wear you are using. Just head over to your manufacturer’s site and follow the instructions on how to pair your smart watch.

Here are the instructions for a few popular smart watches.

  • Moto 360
  • Sony Smart Watch
  • Samsung Gear
  • Always have a working internet connection. This will help the watch display useful information like weather forecast, upcoming matches of your favorite team or the latest scores, everything with the press of a button!

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  • Make the most of the voice assistant. All the android smart watches have Google now built in to them. Most of you might have used it on your android devices but the smart watch integration only makes it easier and better! For people who are unfamiliar with ‘Google now’, it is similar to Google’s voice search but could do much more. It would actually give you the information you asked for instead of just making a plain search. For example, if you ask ‘How far is the nearest fast food restaurant?’ It would actually show you the closest restaurants instead of just pulling out a Google search for that phrase.
  • Keep an eye out for the apps. A lot of developers are working on making apps for smart watches which are very useful in daily life. For example there is an app called smart watch universal IM which integrates Facebook, gtalk, Skype, whatsapp and a lot more into a single platform saving you a lot of time, all the while being extremely convenient. More such apps are bound to make their way into the smart watch market in the near future and doing stuff would just get a lot easier and better.
  • Health apps! Have your health apps integrated and set to go because even though there are a lot of apps that monitor the status of your body, it is still a pain to have to take out your phone every now and then to check them. Convenience is the main conviction of a smart watch and it delivers without disappointment. You get everything you need to know about your heart rate , number of steps you took , calories burnt, just about anything and everything!- right on that cute little screen!

Smart watches use

So, there you go guys, I have told you the best methods use smartwatches effectively. So use this article to make the most out of your smart watch and the best thing is that it doesn’t ends here.

As the smart watches are catching up the trend there would be a lot more improvement and innovation poured in and you would probably see a version 2 of this article!

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  1. i have perches a spice pulse smartwatch mi 9010.
    please help me to use this device.
    please tell me how to connect this smartwatch with my spice mi 451 android phone as well as Bluetooth headset.


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