Maximize Stretch for Maximum Muscle Growth

importance of stretching for muscle growth

With time and years, we have been taught or have been hearing to stretching our muscles before any kind of heavy physical workout. Even while playing any of the sports, we are initially asked to warm up and stretch our muscles but have we ever thought the logic behind it or are it beneficial for us or is it harming us.

It becomes important for us to know that we should be having the knowledge of what we are actually doing and should be continued or the way of doing it should be either changed or altered. The body should be adapted to the workouts and stretching according to their body capacity and health.

There are many questions that would pop up in our minds while gyming or work outs and physical exercises. Whether to stretch the muscles before the gym or after it, the timing of the stretching also matters and there are other factors related to it as well. We should always keep in mind the different factors of stretching and the methods of doing it while performing exercise because even one pull or push out of order which will lead you in bigger problems.

Researchers have said that it is never recommendable to stretch a cold muscle because it might lead you to strains or even get you in big troubles. During the gym sessions, the researchers say that when you do the stretching beforehand, it uses up your energy which could have better used in weight lifting.

We do think that we would feel better to stretch our muscles before weight lifting; it rather uses up your energy that can be used to do the other exercises and which is more than your capacity.

importance of stretching for maximum muscle growth

Therefore, it would always be recommended to do the stretching immediately after your work outs and weight lifting and use up your maximum energy in longing your arms and legs. They should be stretched until one feels the pain, keep it intact for 30-60 seconds and thereon slowly release to avoid any kinds of accidents of muscles pulls.

For better results, the simple stretching doesn’t work and therefore, intense work is required and that they should be remaining in those positions for long to let the actions be active enough. Such type of stretching then increases the rate of hypertrophy and releases growth factors which indeed work for the betterment of our body structures.

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Therefore, it should always be kept in mind that stretching should be done smartly and perfectly such that it doesn’t affect our body parts and not lead us to accidents. Follow a proper regime, strong stretching schedule and build up your body such that it doesn’t hurt you while the muscles are being stretched. With proper care and determination, one can always reach their goals and become strong enough to face the difficulties. Train your body hard enough in a smart manner such that it helps you to grow in a better body.

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