How Many of Us Spend Two Minutes with Parents?

In today’s fast paced world, we don’t seem to have time for anything. Absolutely anything at all!

Even for somebody as important as our parents! We seem to have forgotten that they were the ones who sacrificed so many nice things in their lives, so that we could lead better lives. Today we seem to have grown up and act quite smart with them, hurting them with our words and actions.

How many of us spend two minutes in the morning, talking a few nice words to them before starting for work? How many of us smile at them after coming back from work?

For us, it is all about coming back, relaxing, having dinner and going back to sleep. Do we really pause to think that they might have waited the whole day just to share a few updates with us? Today many aged mothers don’t even switch on the mixer in the kitchen, because it might disturb their son who is watching his favorite program on TV, in full volume.

Mom feeding her small kid with love

When did we grow so big for our own parents? Who taught us to ignore them? Our education? I certainly doubt so. We ourselves have grown up to believe that we know everything, or at least more than our parents.

I too, was so busy engaged in my own mechanic pace of life. I used to get angry whenever my dad asked anything more than twice, forgetting the fact that this was the same man who explained me so many things patiently, how many ever times I asked him the same doubt as a kid.

One day when I had some free time and when I had a general discussion with my dad, I saw the glow in his eyes and I felt guilty that I had not given him this happiness for so long. I realized as parents get old, they go through an age reversal; they become kids again.

parents acting like kid - agre reversal

They want to be listened to and they want to say the same things over and again. As I was pondering over these thoughts, as a divine message, my eyes fell on a quote, that changed my life forever – “You will realize the value of a person only when you see their empty chair”. It shook me mentally and I have tried to change a lot ever since. Our parents don’t need our diamonds, cars, houses or anything tangible. They want only a fraction of our time and our smile.

This lesson has helped me to deal with my four year old son in a big way. I try feeding him the thought that people are important, everything else money can buy. With respect to kids, I have also learnt another important lesson – that one should never be busy to hear their small talk, because for them, they are big and important enough to be shared.

Once we go on ignoring our kids when they try to share something with us, as they grow, they will get into the habit of concealing big and serious matters as well from us. All because of a simple reason – we never had the time for them!

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As a finance professional in the management cadre, leaving my job to take care of my son and moving to a different city were indeed tough decisions. However, today, when I sit back and realize that my kid has benefited a lot from my presence – every decision seems worth it. There is no bad decision or bad timing in one’s life. God has made all the plans for us and we just need to carry on.

Today I deal with two different generations – my dad and my son, under the same roof and it would only be apt to say that every day is a new learning experience for me, as I get to imbibe so many values from them. Today I am so much at peace with myself, because of small changes in my approach. I am trying to give my best shot as a mother, wife and daughter and it indeed gives me immense pleasure to see the happy faces of my loved ones.

Love your parents Quotes

Above Article is the guest article contributed by Vidhya Velayudam. She is a professional writer and an emotional lady. Do share your views on Vidhya’s point of view through our comment section.

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