Post – Partum Depression, New Mothers need your Love and Support

A shocking number of 1 out of 5 New Mothers in India suffer from Post-Partum Depression and we still do not take it seriously.

It is a sad truth but our Indian society doesn’t really consider depression an illness. For them, it is a Phase that the person suffering has to pass through with belief and willpower. Well, they are not entirely wrong, it is a phase, but where the friends and family members have to show their love and support to built confidence, belief and willpower that will encourage the person suffering to pass through.

Post – Partum Depression (PPD) is serious emotional disorder associated with childbirth. The condition mainly manifests Mood Swings and Chronic Depression. It usually crops up in the first three months after childbirth; although Mothers may suffer from PPD anytime within the first year of childbirth.

The liabilities of Motherhood can be demanding. The newborn baby is solely dependent on the mother and every woman desires to bestow the best to her child. In fact, the most general thought that pinches a mother is that she is failing at motherhood and isn’t providing her newborn what it deserves. This performance pressure along with the weariness and weakness can give way to Post – Partum Depression.

The trouble only and only arises, when we do not take the symptoms seriously. Agreed it might be a part and parcel of motherhood but doesn’t mean it’s healthy. PPD is neither good for the mother’s nor child’s mental and physical health.

What can we do?

On our behalf it is important to Support, Nurture, Love, and fuss over a new mother like you will do for her kid.

A product by the fastest growing pharmaceutical company Mankind Pharma, Prega News is India’s No.1 Pregnancy Detection Card. Extending their support even after the childbirth, Prega News #Yoursecondhome is this great initiative, to support mothers suffering from Post-Partum Depression.

Your second home offers a Circle of Support, to show them that they are not alone in their struggle with PPD and encourage them to open up and talk about their stories. It also offers support to their friends and family on how to help them.

With their website, Prega News has created a forum of knowledge and support. Come lets’ pledge our support to this initiative.

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