Orient UV Sanitech – Why you must have this 4-minute corona killer?

The Union Health Ministry has said in a statement that people over 60 years of age& kids of younger are fall under the high risk category and are very vulnerable to the coronavirus. Therefore, if you are having elderly parents or kids at home, you need to be extra cautious and make sure that you do not become a carrier of the deadly virus.

While practicing hand hygiene and maintaining social distancing when in public is important, you must also take care that you do not bring the virus into your home through contaminated objects. Let me share some points those will validate the need of Orient UV Sanitech in the time of Covid-19.

Only Sanitiser is not the solution

When you are going out for work, shopping or for any other reason, ensure that when you get back home, you sanitise every item you bring along, be it your mobile phone, charger, car keys or other purchased goods including groceries and vegetables.

All this to make certain that you are not putting the elderly at your home at risk of catching the virus. However, it’s easier said than done, as applying sanitiser to each and every item or washing them with water or soda is a task in itself and on the top of that you are not fully sure of the effectiveness. So, what to do?

The Instant Solution – Orient UV Sanitech

The solution to this problem is Orient UV Sanitech, a box-shaped lightweight sanitisation chamber that kills coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria and fungi on the surfaces of all daily use objects that are inanimate. The anti-pathogen box uses UVC lamps to generate Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength of 200nm – 280nm, specifically at 254nm, to kill all viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects out inside it. Just to tell you in case you are not aware of the fact that UV-C rays are highly effective in killing viruses and bacteria.

How to Use Orient UV Sanitech?

The sanitisation process is quite simple. You put the items to be sanitised inside UV Sanitech, close its lid and then turn on the power. The UVC lamps start generating the UV-C rays to kill the viruses and bacteria on the objects’ surfaces with uniform 360-degree surface sanitisation. The unit runs for exact 4 minutes, thanks to the auto timer, which is sufficient time for killing all the microorganisms.

Safety Features –

Since we are talking about UV-C rays, exposure to which is harmful for human eyes and skin, we must consider the safety features of this product as well. Well, the most impressive safety feature is that the sanitisation process with UVC lamps will not start if the lid is open, it will work only with the lid closed. The metallic door protects you from the direct exposure to UV light. So, UV Sanitech is safe to use and is undoubtedly the best solution for surface sanitisation of objects available in the market today. Orient UV Sanitech has been tested and certified at an NABL accredited lab which confirms its efficacy in killing the pathogens.

Available on –

If you are worried about the health of the aging parents or your little bundle of joy at your home, you should consider getting Orient UV Sanitech.

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Head to the website to know more about UV Sanitech, and checkout this video to know how it works!


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