What makes the new Orient Aeroquiet fan a must buy for your home

You carry a top spec smartphone, use the latest of apps, commute in luxury and work in modern environment, but when you reach back home you turn an old school ceiling fan on, not fair at all! Orient Electric understands your dilemma and has created a whole new range of ceiling fans that suit your millennial credentials just fine. Called the Orient Aeroquiet, this new range of ceiling fans brings the lovable ceiling fan into 21st century finally.

It is surprising to note that the humble ceiling fan has mostly remained the same while the world around it has embraced modernity. With a majority of advancement into the ceiling fan world coming only in terms of style and aesthetics, it was ripe for a new shot of tech backed innovations. To understand the innovation that Orient Aeroquiet brings, we first need to understand the idea on which fans work.

The basic idea of a ceiling fan utilizes the wind chill effect to provide user comfort. By this effect we mean that you experience cooling down due to the evaporation of your sweat by the gentle wind that strikes your skin, this wind is created by a fan. Thus a fan is not a directly a cooling component but more like an auxiliary component.

Another use of a ceiling fan essentially is to circulate air in a room in order to spread the temperature uniformly. This uniform temperature in a room means that most of the cold and hot spots in your room are brought to a mean temperature. This is where we need to talk about the power consumption and the noise a fan creates.

A majority among us dislike the noise caused by a rotating fan and would try to use them as rarely as possible. So how does getting yourself the new Orient Aeroquiet fan help you in moving towards a #SwitchToSmart life you may ask, here is why:

Aerodynamic Design for Noise-free Air:

Aerodynamics play a hugely significant role in how effective your fan is. The engineers at Orient have used advanced aerodynamics for the blade design of the AeroQuiet range. By doing this, the team has not only managed to increase the airflow from the fan but also managed to reduce the blade noise when it cuts through the air.

In fact, in a report published by a third party independent international lab “Josts” said that the AeroQuiet range makes an impressive 4dbs less noise when compared to conventional fans. This is a really significant achievement by the team and is the main reason you ‘Quite’ in the name. And as for the increased air supply, Intertek China tested the fan to report another significant achievement of 261CMM of air production.

The aerodynamics were further improved by housing the super-efficient BLDC fan motor without the use of a flange/. This eliminated the empty space between the blades and the motor, giving the fan a unibody design. This also results in an improved air-flow and decrease in the fan noise.

Aesthetic Design makes it Stylish:

The advanced aerodynamic design has also resulted into aesthetics that make the Aeroquiet range look characteristically futuristic and sci-fi. The fan’s beautiful curvaceous design is matched by a high gloss premium PU finish. This not only means a stylish fan, but also a light weighted one as well. It is as swanky as a fan can possibly get.

Functional Design with Powerful Performance:

When the design follow function, the result is always going to be visually and functionally effect and the Orient AeroQuiet is no different. Light weight, aerodynamic design means that there are no vibrations or mechanical noise. It is impressive since that fan can reach up to 310rpm and yet cause no noise as such. Then the super-efficient 18-pole heavy motor that comes with double ball bearing takes the fans efficient and silent quotient further.

So what does this entire thing means? To simply put, you can never go wrong by choosing the new Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan above the conventional fan.

In fact it will only extend your modern persona with a technology backed and beautiful package. It might be a wee bit expensive than the other ‘normal old-school’ fans out there, but it surely is a money well spent. And did we tell you that this range comes with a 2 year warranty, what else one would need.

We reckon it is a must buy for your home. It is high time you #SwitchToSmart by heading out to a retail shop nearby or going to the company’s website to order it online.

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