How to Manifest Freedom in Your Life?

The best way to live your life fully is to have a clear status of freedom in a complete sense. Everyone wants to be happy, but very few make the conscious efforts towards attaining it. One can be happy only when one is having freedom and that can happen only when one has every autonomy to be oneself, when one is allowed to follow one’s heart, and does what one actually wants to do.

It is simple, but not easy. It needs a holy practice of everyday and conscious choices to make. The light of freedom already resides in the heart, but you dominate that light by mind’s reasoning and by putting questions on it. You forget your true self and start trying to become like others. Your mind starts validating your authenticity that creates the biggest threat to your freedom.

You cannot have freedom until you are yourself. There may be 7 billion + population, but there is no extra person born on this earth like YOU. Everyone is unique so you are. Everyone has his own mission and you also should  start respecting your purpose of being in this world.

Be confident on whatever your mission is and have a clear vision that you are the best person who understands this and no one else can make it better than you do.

How to Manifest Freedom in Your Life

No one else can understand your dreams as you do. You are the one who crafts your freedom by being with yourself and becoming your best friend. Whenever people ask me about manifesting freedom despite having so many of distractions and procrastinations, i always love to read this poem of mine as a freedom energiser for them:

May be you are crazy and complete weird in you own ways, where asking questions is must for growing in your life;

May be you feel very limited categories / tribes of frequencies of people in 7 billion+ population around the world;

May be you feel yourself a global citizen and your friends & families are expanded across 6 continents;

May be it’s because of the sense of freedom and wonder you feel while gazing out of transport windows;

May be the compassion you feel when you are reminded that we are all the parts of each other and equal;

May be you never feel older and passionate about yourself as age is just a number;

May be you feel wonderful in your solitude and always consider it as a blessing without victimizing yourself;

May be you see this world as a place where you count yourself a useful entity who is passionate for value addition;

May be you see your beloved in every place you travel and every eyes you once look into;

May be you see your real home in all true self & vagabond ways, when you are outside from the home in woods;

May be there are several attributes inside you that prove you imperfect in all perfect ways;

May be there are thousands of MAY BEs that perfectly matches your uniqueness and accolades…..

……These all only indicate that you are blessed enough to manifest freedom in your life….

…. These all aligns a correlation of your true self with this universe to bless you  with that real treasure…

Freedom is something that starts jumping out from your personality and it becomes your identity and inner culture. You become the other form of freedom and freedom becomes the real earning of your life … You are that you are …. You are that freedom. You are that yourself who manifest freedom. You are that light of heart.

Stay tuned to freedom and have a life full of happiness. Do share how this blog helped you through comment section. 

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  1. Great article Kaoshal, keep up the good work,

    “Freedom is something that starts jumping out from your personality and it becomes your identity and inner culture”.

    Absolutely agree, also what is important is one’s freedom from all negativity and the unrealistic restrictions.


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