A story of technology and chance happenings – how SHAREit changed my social dynamics

Today, smartphones are an essence of our lives. We live in a time where an entire generation depends on Apps and information available on our handheld superhero-like devices also known as smartphones.

It helps us connect with the world. It also helps us keep in touch with what’s happening on Social Media. Amidst all the information on the internet, we often run out of time to tap, read and watch everything that the world is watching!

Having said that, when I look back in time, the technology advances have taken me by surprise.

Flash back to 2008 – my college canteen would be filled with students sticking out their phones, sharing pictures with each other, discussing ringtones, music files and so much more. In hindsight, the fact that we could transfer files without having to connect our devices to any system always blew my mind.

And then, came the era of Bluetooth, which changed how everything worked.

I remember my friends and I kept funny names for our Bluetooth devices, back then. Things haven’t changed a lot since then – Bluetooth technology is still in our lives albeit with less important responsibilities like connecting headphones, speakers or earphones to your phone or system. As far as sharing files is concerned – we have a better technology for it – WIFI.

When WIFI came into the picture, a plethora of apps and file sharing systems came into picture. However, SHAREit stole the show!

As a blogger, let me give you a sneak peek into my life and share an experience with you. I was sitting in a café, scribbling my thoughts about the choice of music this generation likes. To me it seems completely absurd. I understand that music and choices have evolved but sometimes I don’t agree with the wordings/lyrics of some songs. When I was thinking around these lines, something happened.  Around the same time, I hear something very beautiful. I fell in love with the music and its lyrics. As I connected more with the music, I realized I love the music and would definitely want to hear it again.

I put across all my inhibitions and mustered the courage to wave a quick “hi!” to the person across the table. He was startled and awkward by my friendliness. I went up to him and told him, “I love the music you were listening to, can you please SHAREit?” He shared the files within seconds using SHAREit

SHAREit has taken a verb form in my life and I’m sure in the lives of over 1 billion people who use it.

It’s quick, easy,no need of wifi or mobile data and does not affect the privacy of the user.

Needless to say, it isn’t just a file sharing app – you can do much more and with great ease too. Here are few quick facts about this wonderful app:

  1. This app doesn’t consume any mobile network; hence, you don’t have to wait for your signal to exchange files.
  2. It’s superfast (20m/s maximum) and covers a decent area for file coverage – yes, you can share files without having to sit close by – just tap Send and you’re done – just like that!
  3. It doesn’t discriminate based on file types –you can share almost everything – pictures, music, documents, movies and your phone contacts.

The app is also available on Windows.

My entire friends circle uses the App.

While I go back to my musings about the alternate world where SHAREit is the savior, you can share your thoughts who introduced you to the App and how do you like it?

By the way you can also download this amazing app on Google play store and iOS App Store now for free.

Share and comment.

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