Gift Forever Roses This Valentine

Nothing best than a rose on Valentine’s Day! And if they can be preserved forever they become priceless as ever. Cherish the glory of Valentine’s Day with rose which never dies, a rose which look fresh for years like your love. Present rose to a rose which stays with her throughout her life.

Yes, I am talking about a real preserved rose which are beautifully captured at its peak of perfection, these original roses will create memories that will never fade. Now it’s available in India.

A floral brand has launched a real rose which will be fresh for years!

They have come up in beautiful exciting colors such as bright red, striking yellow, sky blue, olive green, amethyst purple, electric blue, black and rainbow. The unique rose is set in an elegant box with beautiful ribbon bow.

Some Facts about Forever Rose- Preserved Rose

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are natural fresh roses that through a very special process keep their beauty and splendor for years. They are not dried, artificial or silk flowers. Soft and incredibly life-like, the rose is treated with glycerin to maintain its fresh-cut appearance for years. These flowers are professionally processed to maintain their shape, softness, color and beauty for a long time.

How long do they last?

They can last several years if properly cared, just keep the flowers indoors, away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and moisture. If the flowers become dusty, use a hairdryer or another type of gentle blower on a cool setting to clean.

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Do they need water?

No, they don’t need water.

Ferns N Petals Limited Edition Forever Roses Collection

Rainbow Preserved Rose
Rainbow Preserved Rose – Forever Collection
Red Rose Gift
Forever Red Rose For Love


Black Valentine Forever Rose
Black Rose for Valentine – Forever Collection
electric blue Rose Gift
Electric Blue Rose – Forever Collection
Purple Rose
Purple Rose – Forever Collection
Sky blue Forever Rose
Sky blue Rose – Forever Collection


Yellow Forever Rose
Yellow Rose – Forever Collection

Want to feel these super fresh roses, go at and get one for yourself and another one for your love 🙂

Don’t miss to share your favorite color of rose though comment sectio, mine is the ‘Rainbow one and Red Rose’, super sexy roses 🙂

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