Six Best Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs

An aesthetic look to your body is so incomplete without having a six pack core. Six pack abs, not only shows how much effort you put in gym but also indicates your low body fat ratio. Achieving a six pack core is a combined effort of both your diet and your training. Everyone knows how six pack abs get so much respect in the gym. Here’s how to train your core and carve out strong six pack abs.

Six best exercises to get 6 pack abs

So, find out the exercises to get six pack abs.

1. Weighted Crunch

Let’s start with the basics. Very easy yet very effective exercise to strengthen your core and get six pack abs.

Weighted Crunch to get sixpack abs

The right way to do
Lie flat on the floor with your face towards the sky and knees bent. Then hold a light weight plate with both hands and extend your arms towards the knees. Keep your arms extended and lift up your upper body. After completing a full crunch, slowly get back to initial position.

Keep in my mind
When lifting up your upper body from the floor make sure that you don’t do it with force on your shoulders. Focus on contracting and relaxing your abs. Start with lighter weights so that you master the exercise perfectly.

2. Leg lifts

Leg lifts are very beneficial especially when it comes to turning your belly into a six pack masterpiece.

Leg lifts exercise to get six pack abs

The right way to do
Lie flat on the floor, hands at sides and palms facing the ground with legs straight out. Then slowly lift your legs up at right angle without bending your knees. Slowly lower the legs and without letting them touch the ground repeat the exercise.

Keep in mind
Do not bend your knees in the process of getting your feet to right angle or close so that you concentrate fully on your core.

3. Jackknife sit ups

This is the perfect abs exercise for those who want more about of their abs.

Jackknife sit ups - Exercises to get six pack abs

The right way to do it
Lie on your back with hands to your side and legs straight. Then after, raise your knees and torso simultaneously so that they meet on an imaginary line. Your position at this point will be much like a jackknife. Slowly get back to initial position and then repeat.

Keep in mind
While getting back in initial position make sure that you don’t jerk your back. And when you have mastered the exercise, try putting a light weight dumbbell between your feet for getting you six pack abs pop out.

4. Plank exercise

Plank exercise is undoubtedly the best exercise to build endurance and strengthen your six pack abs as well as back.

Six pack abs by exercise for Man/woman

The right way to do it
Lie with face down with forearms and palms on the floor. Lift yourself into a push up position, raising up on toes and resting on your elbows. Hold it for 30 seconds or more.

Keep in my mind
Keep your back straight and in a straight line from head to heels. Contracting your core will give you good results.

5. Bicycle crunches for oblique muscles

Working on your oblique muscles will give your six pack abs a definite shape.

Bicycle crunches To Get Six Pack Abs

Right way to do it
Lie on your back with arms at your head. Lift your feet off the ground and alternatively bring your knees towards your shoulder. For example bring your left knee towards your right shoulder and right knee towards your left shoulder. Perform 10-15 reps in a single set for better results.

Keep in my mind Focus completely on oblique part of your abs. Don’t open up your legs too wide.

6. Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are one of the best ways to fish off your abs workout.

Windshield wipers - exercises to get 6 pack abs

Right way to do
Lie on your back with your hands under your pelvis and palms down. Keeping your feet together and legs straight raise your legs so your heels points towards the roof. Now, lift your glutes of the floor keeping shoulders and head flat on the floor. At the final position lift twist your hips at the left. Get back in start position and perform the same at right side.

Keep in mind
If needed, start with your hips on the ground and perform the exercise. While twisting your glutes make sure that you don’t twist or lift your shoulders or head in the air.

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