Cafe Tafri Sec- 14 Gurgaon, Awesome Place

Hey Foodies, here I am with the review of an awesome place to hangout in Sec-14 Market Gurgaon. The place is known with the name Café Tafri and it is in the same row where ‘Om Sweets’ is situated.

I digged this place from the data of AskMe.com and it is all because of the AskMe.com banner I found on a food blog Mystic Foodie Mantra.

Let me tell you my story with Café TafriI visited it to take a coffee break after working hours. This café is a thematic café and as the name tells as, the theme is ‘Tafri’ that comes with the synonym Fukrapanti.

I am sure being a NCR person; you are aware with these terms very well 🙂

So this one is the first thematic cafe that I found here in Gurgaon.  The place is so colorful and it is very simple yet attractive to be in.  You should check these pictures I clicked there –

Cafe Tafri Sec 14 Gurgaon Reviews
Here we have Car to do Tafri 🙂
Cafe Tafri Sec 14 Guraon
Cafe Tafri
Cafe Tafri Sec 14 Gurgaon Review
The Great Tafri Scooter
Cafe Tafri Sec 15 Interiors
I just love this sitting area, next time I am sure I am gonna sip my coffee here, now I don’t like that corner table baby 🙂
Theme Cafe Tafri Interiors
I told you this place is so colorful :O
Theme Cafe Tafri Sec 14 Gurgaon
Here Some more Colors at Tafri :p
The Great Wall Tafri Quotes
Hume to Apno ne Luta Gairo Mei Kaha Dum Tha, Hamara Scooter Thuka Wahan Jahan traffic Kam Tha  😛

Let’s now talk about the Food or DrinksThough I already had my lunch near about 2 there was no point to  order something heavy. I ordered a cold coffee with ice-cream and the friend ordered hot coffee with Potato Fries. The coffee was served in a cute mug and the picture is below –

Cold Coffee
Yum Cold Coffee..
Cold Coffee with Icecream
Oo, Few last sips and it will be over:)

At that time I was so obsessed with my coffee and I literally ignored fries and hot coffee, else I would have been sharing more pictures with you guys. Mine cold coffee was awesome and the other one as well. Fries were crispy and I found them better than the fries Mac-D serve. Also I found this place is very reasonable so you can go more frequently without even worrying for bills.

And the conclusion-

  • I found this place an awesome place to hangout for coffee and tea.
  • You can have your meeting their, the place is so calm and composed.
  • For coffee lovers it can be the great hangout adda, I am sure.
  • The place will cost near about 350 bucks for coffee of two.
  • The opening hours are 11 AM to 11 PM.
  • If you ever visit the place don’t forgot to visit the restroom.  You are going to find a cycle washbasin there in restroom 🙂

I am soon gonna come up with more pictures of this place. So keep coming here. Do share your reviews and doubts with us regarding Tafri.

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