Calculate SIP value The Best SIP calculators those are available online

We all wish to secure our future by investing in the right mutual fund schemes but are skeptical about which ones to choose as the exact amount of returns are not clear. People require money for their children’s studies, marriages, and their retirement and keep on searching for the right investment plan. SIP calculators are the best way to find out the right amount that you need to invest every month so that your future is safe and secure.

What is a SIP?

A SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a technique or method of investing your money in different mutual fund schemes. The investors invest a particular amount for a specific fixed interval like weekly, monthly or quarterly amount of time. The SIP calculator is an online device that calculates the total amount of SIP returns and the SIP’s value on maturity.

All the SIP installments paid to the bank or fund house help in increasing the total invested amount which further increases the potential returns. SIP calculators make use of some values to calculate the final profit that will be generated by investing in a certain SIP mutual fund scheme. These values consist of the total amount of investment i.e. monthly, weekly or quarterly, the total duration of investment in years and the percentage of projected returns. This calculator can be used if you plan to invest a mutual fund scheme and want to know the amount that you will receive on its maturity.

As a newbie investor, if you’re scared of risk, test the waters by investing small initially. Start a SIP for as little as Rs. 1000 in ELSS mutual funds. Redeem the profits from your fund’s returns at the end of the lock-in period which is just 3 yrs. To explore the perfect tax-saving ELSS for you, simply login to 5nance, complete your risk profile and voila, get access to the right SIP from among 20+ tax-saving mutual funds just for you.

5 Best SIP calculators:

SIP Money Control calculator:This calculator shows you the exact amount of money you need to invest every month to reach your financial goals.

It is quite accurate and can give you a realistic value of potential returns that you will get from a certain SIP mutual fund scheme. You can invest in good schemes when you plan your investment schedule via a SIP calculator and planner.

SIP 5nance: This calculator helps you calculate the expected returns and the profit that you can gain from your SIP investment. You can also estimate the maturity amount on the basis of the annual return rate. Your best-suited SIP from 5nance provides you with a disciplined approach to investing and helps you in gaining profits over the long-term. As you invest for regular intervals, there is a lesser impact of market volatility.

Now get professional advice for free on how to gain the maximum profit from your SIP investments just by contacting our trained advisors.

You can also take the DIY approach via our new app. Mid-cap or large-cap? Long-term or short-term duration? A SIP of Rs. 1000 or Rs. 10000? Figure out what works for you by applying these mutual filters on the app and observing the expected performance of your selected fund. Start by making investments towards a specific goal like going on an international trip in 2021. The goal planning feature would calculate exactly how much your holiday will cost by taking into account inflation, rising flight expenses, stay etc. Accordingly, you’d be recommended personalized investment avenues to match your budget.

Easy Policy SIP calculator: SIP Easy Policy calculator is one of the best SIP calculators that’s available online which can help you reach your desired goal by showing you the right investment.

You as an investor can avoid regret about not investing correctly to get the right amount on maturity. Just use this calculator, to determine the returns on your investment beforehand.

It helps in calculating the top investment plans in 10 seconds. You can easily compare the different investment plans and save tax of upto Rs. 46350.

Policybazaar SIP calculator: A SIP online calculator that’s offered by Policybazaar can help you plan financial responsibilities like your child’s education or calculation of tax returns. High-quality education comes at a high price. So you need to be prepared to meet this practical expense easily. This calculator gives you an idea about choosing the right mutual fund with low risk or high risk or for a short term or long term so that you can get an accurate estimate of how much you need to invest. This expense calculator is a great tool that creates a prediction of the needed amount for your child’s marriage or studies. So use this SIP calculator to invest in the right mutual funds.

HDFC fund SIP calculator: Planning retirement being one of the most important aspects of one’s life, HDFC fund provides servicesto help you calculate your retirement and pension amount. A solid plan can help you set aside a certain amount every month so that you are financially secure after retirement. The calculator gives you a realistic picture of your financial goals based on your current age, expenses and expected inflation. With this calculator, you can choose the right investment and get the best returns on maturity. Once you know how much to invest, you can get the desired returns by the end of the scheme.

Final words:

Make use of the best SIP calculators that’re available online and secure your family’s future by generating higher returns from your investments. You can get accurate results with these amazing SIP calculators


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