Self Improvement Tips to Be a Better Person

It is very rightly said that “Charity begins at home”. The initiation of doing good things should start from us. When people will look at you, they will join you and it will become never ending brigade.

Here are some small changes that will make yours and other’s life healthy and happier.

The first thing after you wake up – Drink atleast a glass of water.

Most of the people wake up to check their phone to see any Facebook or Twitter updates they missed while they were asleep. And spend those essential morning hours in this unnecessary ritual.

Most successful people that I have read about have a habit of waking up to at least a glass of drinking water and then starting off the day.

One of the major benefits of drinking water right after waking up is that it will purify your colon and thereby making it easier to absorb nutrients.

Moreover, drinking water on an empty stomach will help you with weight loss and boost your metabolism.

A Glass Water In Morning Health & Fitness WallpaperThe other advantages of drinking water right after waking up –

  • Increased production of new blood and muscle cells.
  • Glowing skin
  • Flushes out toxins from the body
  • Fight infection

Plan your day ahead.

Planning is the first step towards change and implementing the plan is the real achievement.

Write down all the things that you need to do achieve today. Also mention priority beside them so that you will know what’s urgent and what’s not. At the end of the day, look at the list again and check what you accomplished and what was still left. Now accommodate the left over tasks in the next day’s list with a little more priority.

This small change will give you a much needed insight of yourself. And over the period of time you will understand that planning was never tough, what was tough was its implementation.

business planner

 Set realistic goals.

The Rome was not built in a day.

You cannot expect a sudden transformation from what you are to what you desire. It takes time. And more than time, my friend, it requires efforts. Efforts in the direction of your goals.

The only way to ease up the process of transformation is to set up small achievable goals. And then increase the level of difficulty as you achieve them. This way you will be more happy and content with the way you are progressing.

Realistic Goals for Life

Never rush to the work.

Most of the people have this habit of always being late at the work. It sets the wrong tone right from the beginning of the task.

Waking up a bit earlier, let’s say 10 minutes, will help you to reach at your work on time. And you will see that you are quite more alert and prepared for all the tasks that lie ahead.


A brisk walk after any meal.

The key to avoid your belly from popping out from the shirt lies in nothing but burning calories. Yes, just burn enough calories throughout the day and you will see that you still have no gut coming out.

A brisk walk after meals will help you with shedding off those extra calories and save you from being lethargic.

Walk after eating

Browse Google more.

In today’s scenario, nobody but only Google can be called as your best friend.

Don’t waste your time on silly Facebook posts instead open up Google and search for whatever you love. Note down the things that you think will help you in the future or bookmark pages of grave importance.

Search about food, politics, history, psychology or anything that excites you.

Google Is Your Best Friend Quotes


Appreciate for what you have

The simple rule of happy and long life says – Appreciate even the tiniest thing you have and work hard for all those you don’t.

You can even appreciate your fast internet connection or costly shoes or Xbox because someone out there is not as lucky as you.

Also develop a habit of appreciating others you see around for everyone is fighting their own battle.

Hope above small changes will improve you a bit more and a better you will make bigger changes in this tiny world. Happy Reading 🙂

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