8 Signs You Are Falling Out Of Love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful emotions on the earth. Love takes you in a whole new world of happiness and only happiness. If you are love struck then all you want to do is show the world how much a person means to you. The butterflies in the stomach, the red flushed cheeks, and the longing to meet him are just the perfect start of a relationship. But if you find yourself no more in the butterflies in the stomach zone, then possibly the love has fallen apart. There can be plenty of reasons that the love has died and these could be the signs that you are living in a dead relationship:

1. You don’t spend quality time anymore:

 There were days when you would have no clue of the day or night and only talk and spend time with your special man. But now spending time with him has become a task and even if you do spend time together you tag your friends or family.

2. He doesn’t make you laugh anymore:

Image result for fake laugh gifEven his dumbest jokes would make you giggle like a small girl, but now you get bored of his jokes. Yawn. And you even blame yourself that how could you ever find his jokes funny. Bad!

3. Every conversation leads to massive fights:

Image result for arguments gifGone are those days when you were eager to listen to each other and were interested to know each other’s opinion. But now every normal discussion make way to arguments and become bigger than you ever thought or wanted.

4. Sex is the last thing in your mind:


One of the biggest thing that keeps a relationship alive is sex and if you have lost interest in that then it is clear that you’re no more in love. Now sex is the last thing on your mind and you just don’t want to indulge in any foreplay. Bad sign!

5. You don’t find cute habits cute anymore:

Image result for annoying gifCertain habits of your partner made you say aww in the past and the same habits now have become an irritating thing to you. You even think that how could you ever find him cute. Grr..

6. You start showing interest on other guys:


Being in a relationship and checking out other guys is a big sign that you are just not interested in your partner. And if you find yourself flirting with zero guilt then it is time to bid adieu to your once an upon a time lover.

7. You are often annoyed, restless and angry:

Image result for bollywood angry gifButterflies in the stomach now seem stupid for you and all you are filled with is rage and anger for your partner. The minute you see him or talk to him you find yourself being bugged followed by anger and fights. Nonstop drama.

8. You no more go for dinner dates:
The best way to rekindle the romance in your life is to surprise your partner with dinner dates, movies, trips. And now you never feel like going out with him, neither you feel like surprising him. The relationship is dead and all you both are dragging it without any purpose.

Every relationship takes a backseat but you should focus on the positive side, look back to the happy time spent together and always keep the spark alive.

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