Top 7 Good Carbs For Weight Loss

The key to weight loss starts from healthy eating. And by healthy eating, we mean adding healthy carbs to your body. Now you might think that carbohydrates can increase weight, but if you indulge in good or complex cards, then you are definitely hitting the path of weight loss. Low carbohydrate foods are chock full of nutrients, vitamins that will provide your body energy and keep you fit too. So end the war with fat by including these top 7 good carbs which are surefire to change your body. Make sure you stick to these foods and avoid aerated drinks, junk foods or anything that can nullify weight loss. Read further and find the magical good carbs food for weight loss:

1. Fresh yogurt:

low-fat-frozen-yogurt-for-weight-lossYogurt is known to reduce the body mass index and aid in good digestion and boost good health. Also, a cup of fresh yogurt will give 23 grams of protein. Make sure you indulge in low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt that will melt the fat away and keep your tummy full.

2. Strawberries:


Sweet tooth people can definitely end their sudden sugar cravings with strawberries that are packed with Vitamin C, iron, manganese, dietary fiber, omega 3 fatty acids which will keep your body and heart healthy and fit. Also, they have minimum carbs of 0.9 gm!

3. Popcorn:


If you are happy thinking popcorn at movie theaters are healthy then no! Make popcorn at home without butter or ghee and eat it regularly as a snack. It will keep your stomach full and work in reducing weight. So reserve popcorn for your midnight cravings.

4. Oats:


Hands down to the best breakfast option and one of the best weight loss food. Oats are rich in fiber, proteins and are a complex carb that is filling and ideal food for weight loss. Mix oats with milk or yogurt and add berries, brown sugar and cinnamon. Also, oatmeal is good for a healthy heart

5. Pulses:

Chickpea sprout in heart shaped bowl on white wooden background

Pulses such as black beans, chickpeas, lentils are good carbs for your body and will prevent you from overeating. So add chickpeas, black beans to your salad and say goodbye to fat.

6. Tofu:


Can’t leave your favorite paneer? Then give a shot to tofu, we bet you will love it. It is good carbs for the body and is known to reduce the blood pressure. It is one of the best substitutes for paneer and a must have for all weight watchers.

7. Watermelon:


Another low carb fruit that has a good amount of water and prevents your body from increasing weight is watermelon. It is one of the healthy food and we recommend you add it to your water or eat it for breakfast and snacks.

We hope these low carb foods help you lose weight and keep your mind and body healthy and strong.

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