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As the word FRIENDSHIP comes across in many conversation and many sorts of talk, article and relevant contents, the very first things that comes to our mind is the emotions, the feelings, the relationship with the ultimate strength, the desire and living for others, the happiness we share among each other and so on.

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Here we are providing you with top 5 friendship relationship advice by which you can get more out of your friendship.

Give your friendship more time
Often do people, sacrifice their friendship for their marriage, hobbies, household chores and children. They gradually shift to last rank on your priority list. You tend to put them behind all your works.

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Ways you can get more time for your friendship
Like all other things that you put in your to-do list, put meeting with friends a task to achieve. Plan your day, week and month in such a way that you meet your friends regularly whether for a dinner or for some chit chat. Not only will it give your friendship strong bonding but will be also helpful in relieving your stress.

Don’t wait for things to happen
It’s a proven fact that friendship (like all other relationship) gets much stronger with talking, sharing feelings, doing something innovative together. Waiting for something to happen that could spice up your relationship will eventually cost you your friendship.

Here’s something you can do
Discover what sort of things you and your friend have in common. If you both love watching a movie, take some time out of your day to accompany him or her to a movie.

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Similarly, if you love playing basketball ask him for his company.  And you will find sharing your likes and dislikes with your friend is not tough at all.

Settle your concerns
As the time passes, you grow your friendship stronger and very likely to get easily hurt by your friend. If you think there’s any problem or differences in between you and your friend that needs to be sorted out then do it now! Don’t ignore or neglect the problems you have, and if you do, you will probably end up destroying your friendship.

Here’s a tack
Ask your friend to come over your place or even you can visit his. Make sure that you meet him in person and not via phone.  Solve the issues very sensitively. Don’t be harsh and aggressive. Settle on the common grounds and keep in my mind that neither you nor he or she commits the same mistakes again. Solving out issues will ultimately get you stronger, trustworthy friendship.
Friendship do change over time
Remember, your best friend that you had when you were 10? The school days you spent with your another best friend at the age of 13? But now, you don’t even know where he stays.

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A recent study proves that people often replace half of their friends every seven years. Well, seven is just a number.

Rather than holding on to old grown friendship, discover new friends who you share more similarities and get yourself more out of your friendship.

There are lot many ways you can use social networking sites to get more out of your friendship and with sites like Facebook and Twitter you can make your relationship more amazing.

With social networking sites you can easily share your photos, videos, music you love, tag your friends, chat with them and may more. This will get you more fun and energy in your relationship. 5 FRIENDSHIP RELATIONSHIP ADVICE

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