Top 10 gym mistakes and how to fix them

Many a time people complain of not achieving the physique they wanted. They don’t even know where they are going wrong in the gym. And they blindly keep on repeating such mistakes again and again. If is it so,

Top 10 gym mistakes that a beginner should avoid.

1. You are skipping your warm up- Due to insufficient time, most of the people often tend to skip their warm up. They directly hit on their pre workout warm up but however this may cause injury when the workout gets tough. Remember your body is not used to handle heavy weights at once.

Here’s the fix- Even if you have less time for gym, do not ever skip your warm ups. Never ever. Do not sacrifice your warm up just because you want to hit that extra exercise. Have a dedicated body weight warm up like squats, push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks so that your heart gets to work. Running is one of the best warm ups before gym.

warm up before gym

2. You are relying too much on your trainer- Often do beginners solely rely on their trainers for their workout plan. They often blindly follow trainers on their workout routine and diet.

Here’s something different- Of course you want yourself to get as big as your trainer but does not mean you do what he does. Everyone has a different body nature. You need to carefully examine the way your body works, the type of exercise is best for you.

Top 10 gym mistakes and how to fix it

3. You are taking too much rest- Well, the most often mistake people do in the gym is they do not monitor their rest periods. An ideal workout should be anywhere between 50-60 minutes and if it is more than that you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Here’s how to – keep a watch on your rest periods. Get yourself a stopwatch or a dedicated mobile application which would track your workout time. Try avoiding more than 45-60 seconds of rest so that you don’t allow your body to settle down.

rest in gym

4. You are not trying any different moves- I know flat bench presses are most effective than other chest exercises but that does not imply you keep on hitting bench presses every time you do a chest workout.

Take a look- Try something new. For instance, do a set of incline bench press today instead if flat ones. Try different moves. Pullovers, dumbbell flyes would also do great for your chest

inclined bench press

5. You are skipping your leg day- On the way to achieve their dream physique; beginners often neglect the very important part of their body that is their legs. You don’t want yourself to have legs like a goat. Do you? Not working hard on your legs will not give you results that you are dreaming for.

Here’s the fix- Design your workout in such a way that you give enough time to both upper body as well as lower body. Believe me you won’t become strong without strong and big legs.

leg exercises

6. You are doing cardio before weight lifting- Cardio is very important part of everyone’s workout but it may be adverse if done at inappropriate time. Lifting heavy weights after a 30 min jog can put you through injuries.

Here’s how to do it- Dedicate a different day to your cardio like Sundays or else when you off days. Remember lifting weights needs proper form or else you will be prone to injuries.

weight lifting

7. You are not innovative- Let’s be specific here, being not innovative is same as you are lifting up the same weights. Most of the people in gym tend to find a weight that they can comfortably lift. By this they make their body adapt to the same weights and hence don’t get enough result after years.

How to do it- Don’t let your body adopt the weights, for instance week 1 bench press at 100; week 2-bench press at 105-110. Try putting some weights every weight. It will tough to touch the 8 rep mark but start with 4 reps and gradually increase your reps.

fix gym mistakes

8. You don’t pre-plan your workout- You don’t go to shopping market without a list of things to be bought. Do you? The same thing is with the Gym. Without a proper workout plan you will find yourself wondering back and forth in the gym.

Here’s the measure- Take some time out of your day to prepare a plan of exercise so that you could much of your time in the gym.

try different exercise

9. You are focussing too much on your biceps- Everybody dreams of building bigger arms but that surely doesn’t mean you don’t work your shoulders and chest hard enough. Apart from big arms, a tee bursting physique will also require monster chest and broad shoulders.

To do- Train every body part equally; do not skip any body organ. Moreover, take proper rest between the same body part workouts.

biceps after gym

10. You are too impatient- Last but not the least; this is the most important of all – being impatient. This is the case with most of the beginners. However, as you proceed in the journey of bodybuilding you will find less of this problem. Beginners often think of building their dream physique in an overnight but that can and will never happen. You cannot grow your biceps to 17 inches in just day. It takes time, dedication and moreover consistent effort and improvement.

To do-  Focus on your ultimate goal, don’t get tired or impatient in between. Achieving your dream physique is undoubtedly a very long journey.  Have patience during your workouts.

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