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Gone are the days when you had to visit your bank to open a new account, deposit some cash or file an application for a home loan. These days you can simply log in to your bank’s websites and get the job done in minutes, provided your internet is working and the website is functional in a way to offers a rich user experience to its visitors.

Having said that, YES BANK, India’s 5th largest private sector Bank is surely making rounds in offering superior customer experience to its users. The private bank has revamped its website to offer a consistent user experience optimized across latest browsers, tablets and mobile phones. Moreover, the website will also be accessible at, which makes YES BANK the first bank in India to leverage the .BANK domain providing an additional layer of security for website.

We tried the website on PC and smartphone and here is what we found.

Design and User experience

The website offers a clutter free design making it easy for users to look for tasks they intend to do. The home page provides easy navigation and presents all the important information in the best possible way. It is interactive in nature and integrates features like Product Finder Tool, Product Comparator tool, Fixed Deposit, calculators and more, thereby resulting in intuitive product discovery.

New customers will feel overwhelmed to find the first hand options such as Open a new account, Apply for loan, Sign up for a new credit card, etc. on the very first page when they login to Yes bank. Customers who are already associated with the bank can simply log in to access their information by clicking on the login button placed on the right side of the home page.

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The home page’s top bar holds the important menus such as About us, Bank with us, Contact us, Locate us and a search tool. At any point of time, you can search for bank’s services from the search tool that makes sure all your queries are answered in a jiffy.

Besides, you can also look for deeper insights such as Personal banking, Corporate banking, Loan against property, Careers option, etc. in the drop down list positioned at the top left corner, just adjacent to the bank’s logo.  This section offers extensive information about bank’s products and services.

One of the most sought after feature of the website is that it offers personalised user experience based on your last visit, searched product, geography and time of visit. So you can actually start from the point where you left during your last visit.

Cross-device compatibility

Another important aspect to talk about is the cross device compatibility provided by the YES BANK. Keeping in mind that over 70% of internet usage in India is on mobile, the private bank has made sure users visiting the site through smartphones or tablets get the best possible user experience. The website navigation menus are revamped as per user’s requirement.  The nomenclature has been simplified to clear out confusion for small screen devices to allow users to easily and seamlessly locate product information.

The mobile site follows a minimalist approach with conversational and casual appearance. The icons and fonts to give a visual relief, which also allows a faster downloads on mobile and tablet devices. Besides, the website is also enriched with bookmark facility ‘My Space’, help tools, call back options, 3rd party social network integration – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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No internet? Worry not

‘Furthermore, YES BANK has also made sure that customers do not feel left out if they are not connected to internet and wants to access bank’s services. The private bank has introduced the Star Star service, which enables customers to reach the bank by dialing Star Star BANK (**2265) from the smart phone keypad. This service, which is popular in global markets like USA and Australia is expected to significantly aid customer call to action, especially for a generic call number as **BANK.

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