#DateAlert: What To Ask On A First Date?

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If you are 20 something you would know the jitters, anxiety, and happiness about dates. But if you are on your first date or if your first date turned out a disaster then you must read further. First dates can be totally overwhelming, the entire experience would be a new and you have a list of do’s and dont’s.

From what to wear to what to talk there is a huge cloud of uncertainty if you are doing the right thing. Alas, when you genuinely like your date and if it doesn’t work, then there are chances you might feel dejected and unhappy about things, but worry not we bring you foolproof questions on what you should topics you should touch and what you should avoid on your first date.

Read more and try sticking to these topics and we swear your date will go smoothly.

1. Keep the talks to favorites:

If you are clueless on what to ask your date, then break the ice by asking about favorites. You can ask his hobbies, interest and things that can broaden the conversation. If he is an avid reader, you can ask about favorite books, or if he into gaming (for sure) then you can ask about his gaming collection.

2. Music is the best way to connect:

Nothing can connect better than music. You can ask what kind of music genre he likes, which is his current favorite music track, which he hears on loop. Don’t be disheartened if you find his music taste different from yours, then it’s amazing, you might know more about the music world. 

3. Ask about the travel bucket list:

Everyone loves exploring new places and this is the coolest question you can ask. Know more about the travel bucket list and who knows you would know more about his tastes and likes. And if your travel bucket list matches, then lucky you girl.

4. Get to know more about family:

As you get to know him more, you can bring a serious talk about his family. You could ask about who is he close with, about his siblings. If you find him comfortable with this topic, then you can get into more questions about his family. But make sure it doesn’t bore him much 🙂

5. Know about daily routine:
If you find your first date conversation interesting, then you can get into more about his daily routine and his usual weekend plans. This will show you are interested in his day to day life.

6. Ask about 3 am friend:

This would be a good topic to talk on, ask him about his friends and we are sure he would share plenty of memories with his buddies. This will give you an idea of his personality and character.

7.  What are you passionate about:
You should know if your date is self-driven in his life or not. You should definitely ask him about his passions, what gives him utmost happiness. His passions might vary from your but that is ok, you are getting to know him more dearie.


8. Drinks and food:
It’s hard to find a teetotaler these days, but yes, you can ask about his favorite drinks- next time you meet you can gift him his favorite drink! You can even ask about his favorite cuisines and if he is interested in cooking or not.

9. Never discuss ex or sex:

No matter how comfortable he makes you never ever babble about your or ask about his ex. It is highly uncomfortable topic and no one wants to hear about your ex. Sex is definitely a taboo and never a good subject to talk about on your first date.

10. Avoid financial discussions:
It would be wiser to keep finance topic under wraps. Avoid asking about his income, loans and other monetary details that can create a negative impact.

However, you can insist upon going Dutch (split the bills) but if he isn’t fine with it, then don’t ponder much on that and take him for an ice cream date.

Apart from this avoid discussing political affairs, spiritual talks or topics that can trigger differences. For the first date, let the topics be simple and light. And don’t forget to be yourself, it will be highly easy for you to enjoy your first date.

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