Be Your fav Chef with Weber Grilling Products and Academy

Recently Delhi witnessed the launch of Weber Store and Grill Academy, a 100% subsidiary of Weber Stephen Products LLC. Weber offers premier grilling products for B2B and B2C customers, including the signature charcoal grills and gas grills along with grilling accessories.

Weber’s vision is to change the way of grilling with the ultimate barbecue experience – done the Weber way. It brings together communities and allows people to spend quality time with friends and family. With the invention of the covered-lid grill, Weber has made possible a healthy way of cooking that creates mouth- watering food that can inspire and be enjoyed and shared by everyone.

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In Weber’s Grill Academy people can learn authentic ways of grilling to prepare delicious food under the guidance of the Weber Chef.  Grill Academy is one of its kind initiative which is appreciated globally by food lovers and we welcome customers to experience the world of Weber. Here are some pics those we clicked during our visit to Weber Academy –

Weber Store Gurgaon Weber's Grill Academy - Grillled Pizz Weber's Grill Academy MG Road Weber's Grill food

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