Uncommon Behavior of Magnetically Attractive Women

Uncommon Behavior of Magnetically Attractive Women

It is very common human desire to appear attractive and get noticed. Clothing & fashion accessories is one of the highest spent categories among Indian middle & upper middle class society, which is the largest targeted segment of any retail brand in India. But if we watch closely, attractiveness starts inside a human mind, before it appears outside.

Style, as we know, isn’t about fashion or trends, it’s about your unspoken public statement.-Says Sunay Gandhi, Founder of online jewellery store PristineFire.com

So what makes few of us magnetically attractive than others? Let’s explore.


She knows she’s attractive, and she just don’t doubt it.

“When you spend on latest fashion trends, footwear, jewelry or any other accessorial shopping, you are precisely buying ‘social confidence’”.  Added Sunay. However few of us poses a very brilliant ability to, sometime even fake, but pose very strong confidence in their presence, that they don’t require any expensive possession & gadgets to attain this extremely important personality ornament.

 Fashion Blogger India, Yogita Aggarwal


Choices, makes us.

Part of the game is in what you choose, and the other part is how you play it. Magnetically attractive women never, almost never, go with trends. Be it clothing style, or jewelry selection, footwear or anything, you’ll always find her swimming reverse of the trends.  Why? Because that is how she sets herself out of the crowd.


Attractive Women Quotes
Attitude of attractive women

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They are risk takers. They do just the opposite of what their conscious mind tells them to fear about.

And flirting is one of the biggest social fear men & women have in common. The ability to flirt is a direct indicator of your unbeatable confidence in yourself.

Some of the best flirty individuals absolutely can’t teach you to replicate, since it’s not like “5 tips to do this or do that…”, but it’s about your inner desire to get social, meet variety of people, and living in the moments.

Qualities of leading women
Qualities of leading attractive lady, umm.. difficult to digest 😛


You’re never done with her. She’ll always leave you wanting for more. Because there is a story in every half, and people go curious to know the remaining part. The magnetically attractive women use this perfectly. Sometime you have to use your brain to interpret something she said, or sometime you have to absolutely just feel the vibrancy of her thoughts.

Lost In deep Thoughts, Qualities of women
Successful people spend a lot time with their self.

Show time, every time.

They are never off the show. Be it their leisure time, or with family friends, or business presentation or night club. You’ll always find her best of herself. She’ll always take care of appearance making most out of the situation.

This brings me to a conclusion that attractiveness couldn’t be acted or a temporary possession. You either born with such persona or, it has to be injected deep into your mind, by taking care of your small every day choices. And remember best of all these is where it all started; The Confidence. Confidence is life. Confidence is attractive. Magnetically attractive.

Qualities of success women
Me at Zica Event, Showing off my power.. Pic Clicked by Jasmeet

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