Travel Log – Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Palakkad Kerala

Travel Log – Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Palakkad – Kerala, should be your next travel pick for peace, nature, health and healthy food.

It is often said that health is wealth and I totally agree this quote, as only if we have good health we can follow our dreams and pursue our goals. A healthy body and healthy mind is a tree blooming with fruits and flowers.

If you are following my social media accounts, you would be aware how much I have been traveling these days for work. So today I would be sharing my trip to Kerala. This trip to Kerala was to review about the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, which is one of the oldest yet best Ayurvedic treatment centers.

Now if you are thinking that I am suffering from any ailment, then no folks, I am healthy and hail. It was a business trip and I would like to let you know how amazing the trip was and why I recommend Kairali resort – the destination spa to everyone. 

Kairali Ayurvedic Groups were founded in 1989 by Mr. K.V. Ramesh and Mrs. Gita Ramesh and since then the group has been developing and establishing a renowned platform in healing the patients from various illnesses. With a vision “to be recognized around the globe as the essence of true Ayurvedic”, Kairali is definitely striving hard to bring the Ayurvedic treatment on a global platform. They have their own treatment center, Ayurvedic college, Yoga classes, weight loss programs, herbal skin care products, medicines and much more.

The idea of visiting hospital makes me feel dejected and sad, and I am sure many would agree to this. But Kairali has a unique concept of making their patients feel relaxed, the Kairali’s The Healing Village is an Ayurvedic treatment center and resort erasing the feel of a hospital and to make their patients feel that they are at home or on a vacation.

What Makes Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resorta a very special place –

  • God gifted nature
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Body Spa and massages
  • Healthy Food
  • Treatment Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym and Indoor Games

I had a 3 nights stay at the Kairali’s The Healing Village, which recently won the India’s Leading Spa Resort 2015 award. Let me take you to my blissful stay at Kairali and maybe you would feel de-stressed just reading about the spa resort.

Day 1:

1 pm: I had a flight to catch from Delhi to Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I reached Coimbatore around 5:30 pm. Kairali Resort is in Palakkad which is a 2-hour drive from Coimbatore.

When I was traveling to Kairali, driver shared about the popularity of Kerala lotteries, and you will not believe, i got so much excited and bought 3 for rupees 90.

8pm: Around 8 pm I reached Kairali Resort and had a warm and traditional welcoming at the reception.

Pictures from First Day

Airport Style with Fashion and Beauty Blogger Yogita Aggarwal-001
Airport Style with lots of Blues and Denim
Black clouds clicked from Aeroplane , Travel Pics
Most Magical capture
Clouds Photography from Plane
Flying Clouds
Indigo food , travel blog Yogita Aggarwal
Indigo good was surprisingly very yummy, this time 🙂
Coimbatore Airport Travel Diaries Yogita
Coimbatore Airport, Clicked just before we started to Palakkad
Room View Kairali Resorts, Kerala
Not really the luxury one but the one where you can stay with peace.
Room Overview, Kairali Resort Yogita
Kairali Herbal Products in Bathroom
Cocunut tree Farms Kerala Beautiful Pics
Coconut trees all around
Decorations in Kairali Resorts Room, don't miss Shankh
Minimal room decoration for maximum peace
Room no 302, Kairali Resort Yogita Aggarwal
Room no 302, where I stayed

Day 2:

My day started with Yoga, which was interesting, but as I didn’t know much I was little bored. After our yoga session, I had salads and yummylicious fruit juice for my breakfast.  than a fortnight. Around 10:30 I attended the presentation by Kairali management. Further, around 10 am the employees of the resort, gave me a tour of the resort and as I had mentioned it is a perfect weekend getaway for those who want to escape from their hectic work life. I noticed that many foreigners come here to cure their illness and stay for more

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After the tour, I underwent the Abhyangam body massage which is an oil-based massage that aims in providing complete relief and relaxation. The benefits of the body massage are that it relieves fatigue, stress, improves the quality of sleep, makes skin healthy and beautiful and much more.

Trust me, I had the best time of my life, the massage therapy gave me a heavenly feel and de-stressed my body completely. The good thing about the massage was that I could feel my nerves and muscles relaxed. After the massage and hot shower, I had my lunch, which was loaded with vegetable soup, veggies (a completely healthy diet).

For the evening I had another mind blowing massage – after which I had a tour of the vegetable garden and ended my day with Yoga Nidra and meditation.

Day 2 Pics

Kairali Owners
Kairali Management

Kairali's Abhyangam Massage 1

Kairali healing village, Kerala
Kairali Health Resort Entrance, Kerala
Kairali Herbal Garden
Kairali Herbal Garden
Kairali Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool view at Kairali

    Kairali Pool Side ShowerKairali Resorts Villa KeralaWater fall in Kairali ResortKairali Villa Where I stayed Kairali Health Resort Pics KeralaDay 3:

My day started with another marvelous body massage and some swimming pool fun. Also I explored the Kairali’s vegetable garden same day. For Palakkad we started at 2 PM with the famous Malampuzha dam which is the largest reservoir in Kerala.

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Next on my agenda was the snake park, which I couldn’t visit due to rains. I explored the famous things one shouldn’t miss when visiting Palakkad (that is in my next blog). My day ended with yoga and meditation, which was a rejuvenated experience. 

Pool Party In Kairali
Pool Party In Kairali

Kairali Vegetable Garden Pics, Fresh Veg Jackfruit Tree, Kairali Kerala Vegetable Garden CocumberKairali Vegetable Garden Pics, Fresh Bitter Gourd Vegetables Kairali Vegetable Garden Pics, Fresh Beans

Amazing View near to Malampuzha Dam, Kerala Travel Pics
Amazing View near to Malampuzha Dam, Kerala Travel Pics , Perfect Scenery

Kerala Nature Pics
Day 4:
I had a flight back to Delhi, so this has to be a hectic day but morning cycling around the resort was super fun.

After the cycling i planted one tree in their vegetable garden, special thanks to the management.

Also i shopped some Kairali products including bath soaps and Shampoo before checkout.

Pink Flowers Photography Kerala

Travel log - Cycling In Kairali Resort , Kerala
Travel log – Cycling In Kairali Resort , Kerala
The Groupie at Kairali
Final Groupie to say Bye Bye to Kairali
Bloggers who visited Kairali Healing Village Travel photos Yogita Aggarwal
Bloggers with the super supporting Driver Dada ( in Black )

First Impression for Food and Kairali:

When you enter the property of the resort, you would experience a different aura. The property of the resort is surrounded by greenery, offering clean and fresh air to breathe in. It is located far away from the hustle bustle of the life, and will instantly make you connected with nature and peace. In night you can hear trrr trrr of frogs and in day time you can hear birds which is next to impossible in cities likes DELHI.

Being a workaholic, I was at complete serenity on visiting Kairali. Coming to the food (ahem), being a Delhite, it was little difficult for me to adjust to the food which was much on the healthy side and opposite of junk food at first attempt but later on i enjoyed this. 

They have their own vegetable garden, which they use in their food and medicines.

Healthy food at Kairali Reosrt
Salads and Soup
Coconut Water treat at Kairali
Coconut Water !! my love in Kerala
Yummy and healthy Dosa from Kairali Food Menu
Yummy and healthy Dosa from Kairali Food Menu
Yummy and healthy Dosa Chatnis from Kairali Food Menu
Coconut and spinach’s Dosa Chatni
My Kerala Travel log Pics
The place where i spent most of my time in Kairali.

My Final Opinion:
I would suggest everyone to try the destination spa resort Kairali which will take you to a whole new world and make you forget your active work life. You will get closer to yourself and feel replenished with your stay.

The working staff of Kairali is warm and friendly, and take complete care of their guests. All the Ayurvedic treatments are value for money and the body massages are a must-to-do thing in Kairali. I would definitely come back to this blissful place in the God’s own country.

Some Highlights –

  • During my Kairali visit, I found not only the Kairali but Kerala people are very friendly and social.
  • Alcohol and smoking is not allowed in Kairali.
  • Do attend the cooking classes given by their chef.
  • Do visit their vegetable garden and herbal garden, you will love that.
  • Do plant one tree when you come back from there.
  • Every villa in Kairali is built as per Vastu, so you might find every villa’s shape and colors are very different from each other.
  • Name of Villas are according to Zodiac signs and Kairali staff assign room to guest as per their Zodiac.

Have you explored Kairali’s The Healing Village? Then share your experience in the comments below.  

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  1. Very well curated post Yogita! I am a Keralite, but I have never been to Palakkad, not even to a proper “Kerala” natural spa. Yes it is embarrassing 😉 but this post is making a move to come up with a plan ASAP. Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Aww. Thanks for sharing your views here. I am embarrassed now because i saw your comment just now :0 If you are Keralite you must have to explore the spas from Kairali, they are super relaxing. I am going to take another Spa from Kairali from their Delhi.


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