Top 10 Healthy Food For Sex

Sex is very important for every human being as it effects us physically and mentally. A good quality and healthy sex is very much required for a healthy relationship.  But have you ever gave it a thought that how one could one possibly have healthy sex with his/her partner?

Or have you ever tried to know what should one eat to have this good quality sex?

So here we are going to share few tips which requires for having good sex.

It majorly depends upon your eating habits as well as food is very essential for our body and is also works as fuel for human machinery, thus, its equally important too for maintaining a good sexual relationship with your partner.

So, here we bring you the top 10 healthy food for sex.

food for healthy sex

Here is the list of top 10 healthy food for sex –

1. Oysters

Oysters are one of best food for sex production. Oysters help to increase the sexual desire by increasing lubrication of vagina as well as semen quantity. Eating oysters helps to produce oysters. It also helps to increase the zinc quantity in body which is also responsible for healthy reproductive systems. Oysters also helps in making sperm and testosterone. History says that the famous Casanova used to ate more than 5 oysters a day.

oyster helps in sex

2. Strawberry

Strawberry is fruit consisting of a good amount of zinc helpful for reproductive systems. Expert says that strwaberry is very healthy intake for a good sex. its very good for body’s arteries which helps in keeping a healthy system altogether. They increase the rate of sperm production in body.

Also, a women body prepares itself more quickly after getting consuming zinc. Strawberry also helps in arousing sexual feelings in body.Experts says that eating strawberry before sex proves to be good.

Girl eating strawberry

3. Dark Chocolate

Most of us loves chocolates but does anybody noticed its secret effects. Actually, apart from giving a mouth watering taste, black chocolate helps to arouse sexual desire too. They are the ones which gives sudden energy to body and refreshes mind which is equally important for love making too.

Dark chocolate really help blood inflow to reproductive organs of body. Apart from instant energy source, dark chocolate also helps in setting moods for extra efforts during sex.

dark chocolate and sex

4. Spinach

Spinach is again a very good option for increasing the libido. Spinach contains a good amount of magnesium which helps in the good inflow of blood in genitals too and naturally helps in sexual arousal.

Apart from these, Spinach helps in cleaning blood, boosting energy, making immune system stronger which will automatically helps in sharing a good moment on bed with the partner.

spinach for sex

5. Almonds and nuts

Almonds and nuts (Kesar, cashew, Pista etc) are the well known energy boosters. They contains amido acid which helps in good blood circulation through body. It also helps in increasing the fertility factor. A regular habit of eating almonds and nuts helps in proper sex with your partner.

nuts for sex

6. Eggs

Eggs proved to very nice for healthy libido as it contains a lot of nutrients. The consumption of eggs indirectly helps one to have a nice sex. The eating of raw egg not only helps to increase the libido but also works as energy booster. Apart from these, eggs take care of proper hormone level helpful for reproductive parts.egg for sex

7. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are one of the popular spices of India for even curing sexual problems. Fenugreek seeds helps in motivating one for sex. Men are highly benefited via Fenugreek seeds. Its also been proved that the regular consumption of Fenugreek seeds helps the partner to get more satisfied during sex. The automatic arousal towards sex is alos noticed in the regular consumer of these seeds.

fenugreek seeds for sex

8. Creamy Milk

Milk is again one of the best intake to fulfill the overall nutrition of body. Milk helps in giving energy to body too. Both men and women reproductive system is benefited by drinking milk. The man who drinks milk regularly proved to be a better one in satisfying her partner. The creamy milk not helps to give instant energy but builds regular sperm too in a men body. It also helps women to get proper ejaculation via breasts.

Young woman drinking glass of milk

9. Red Wine

Red Wine is one of the best intake for women having sexual desire. The components present red wine arouses a women body towards sex. It helps in good blood inflow in the secret parts of body increasing sexual desires. The men are also attracted towards sex after consuming red wine. The intake of red wine helps in increasing testosterone.

red wine for sex

1o. Watermelon

Watermelon is termed as a natural and safety Viagra as it automatically increases libido in the body. It consists of amino acid which actually works like Viagra for the body. The watermelon is one of the healthy food for sex as it helps the men to satisfy its partner with fullest.

watermelon for sex

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