Monsoon Trend: TIPS to Save Your House from Monsoon

Monsoon hits the country and it is very important to take care of your house. Monsoon is not all about dreamy weather, having samosa while watching the raindrops or just enjoying the long drives.

This season also brings muddy footprints, clammy interiors, stale air, leaky ceilings and foul smell from your house.

To stay stress-free in Monsoon, we need to take precautionary measures for problems like cracks, leakages, drainage and damaged doors and windows.

This useful hacks by Sanjay Jain, Managing Director, Siddha Group and Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO, Mani Group can save you from the last minute trouble when an unexpected disaster hits you.

TIPS to Save Your House from Monsoon Blues

  • Leakages

The main trouble of rainy seasons are leakages, they are mostly rooftops and wall cracks. In case there are already cracks in your rooftops or wall, a waterproof coating of white cement can be useful for immediate help.

Make sure no water is being used inside or outside of your house and the rainwater can flow down with less damage. As an emergency measure, moderately unroll or unfold sufficient heavy polyethylene canvas to cover the leaking section of roof.

  • Painting

If you’re have recently painted your house or planning paint the house post monsoon seasons, the selection of paint is an essential element here.

Today the paint formulations are progressive and can help check rainwater leaking through walls. Waterproof paints work as a defensive layer on the walls.

  • Doors and windows

Metal framed doors and windows usually get rusted very easily. One needs to maintain them properly and should always give it a wash of Red Oxide or a fresh coat of paint will do the necessitating. The pivots of doors and windows can be changed or fixed as the strong winds can damage or permanently dismantle them.

In case you haven’t taken any precautions for Monsoon, atleast have a standby of tarpaulin sheets ready to cover your balcony or windows with the sheet. It’s an economical and effective way of keeping the water out of your house.

  • Electric Connections

The most vital part of taking care for the rainy season is inclining electrical appliances and their connections. A short circuit during monsoon can be dangerous enough to take a life. Since the weather mostly leads to power failure or unexpected power cut, the chords and switchboards should be checked and replaced if not in working circumstance. Avoid plugging in multiple devices into one socket, even with multi-pin plugs during monsoon seasons.

  • Insects

It’s not just flies and mosquitoes that can cause harmful diseases during monsoon, but bugs and ants, also cause a good amount of damage to your house. You can use homemade remedies like Essential Oils, Camphor and citronella oil to destroy them. One can use chemical formulas like bug sprays, electric wicks and more available in markets for pest control measures.

  • Furniture

Furniture such as closets or fences can get damaged due to fungus or termites. Keeping furniture clean is one of the most important task and natural remedies during monsoon. Camphor balls, neem tree leaves or cloves can help protect your clothes and other valuable items from all kind of dampness.

  • Drainage

The drainage check is the most important during for monsoon. A blocked pipeline or outlet can be hazardous especially if hit by floods or during any other natural calamities.

  • Interiors and Exteriors

Since sunshine is nominal during monsoon, you can substitute heavy curtains and standby for a lighter fabric which is more translucent and easy to clean. Moisture indoors mostly produces bad odour and can also spoil the walls and furniture of your house. Keep an air freshener handy, to make sure your home odour is fresh and clean.

The exteriors can be protected with large size plastic sheets to avoid the water splashing on walls or entering water inside your house during heavy rain.

  • Plants and Tree Trimming

Keep all your plants and trees outside your house, if you have a spacious balcony it will be the ideal space for them. If you have a giant tree nearby your house you should trim the branches, which can fall due to strong winds during monsoon and have the ability to even slay someone. Do read must have indoor plants for your home.

  • Disaster Supply Kit

You can never predict the worst case scenario for any season. Floods or other natural calamities may result in gigantic loss of life and property. A supply kit should always remain handy and you should keep a flashlight, non-perishable foods, water bottles, first aid, and other essentials things handy.

This simple hacks can help you to get away with the Monsoon Blues and you can enjoy the season of natural beauty, lush greenery, and fried foods with your loved ones.


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