How To Stay Fit Without A Gym?

Imagine owning a body that has Katrina’s washboard abs, Kim Kardashian’s booty and slender legs of Deepika Padukone? Holy molly dream come true, right? But as it is said, nothing worth having easy, and this dream come true body is possible only if you work on your body.

Yes, sounds so boring right? But we aren’t asking you to hit the gym, instead, we want you to keep a check on your what you eat and follow some super easy exercises that are a complete fun. So forget the gym and follow the 80/20 rule- 80% of what you eat and 20% on your exercise. So follow these golden rules and stay fit and fabulous forever:

1. Hydrate your body with plenty of water:

hydrate-your-bodyYou would have heard this umpteen number of times, but the results are true. Drink a good amount of water and flush the toxins out of your body. If you are overweight, then your body has a good amount of toxins so flush them out with fruit infused water.

Tip- Add a slice of lemon in your water and drink it all day, you will see a good change in your body and skin.

2. Exercise even for 15 minutes:



This is an ultimate rule to stay fit! Exercise even for 15 minutes daily, it will keep your muscles in action and your body flexible. No matter how lazy or late you are, remember the JSL- Jump, Squat, Lunges! These three steps will change your body in the best possible way.

3. Listen to your body:


Many of us watch Netflix and feel like munching on unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolates, pizzas and others. But if you want the dream body, then listen to your body. Eat only when you are hungry, and not for the sake of munching. If you see a cupcake or crave for pizza, opt for healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, healthy low-calorie cupcakes.

Tip-whenever you feel like munching on unhealthy snacks, sip lemon water or any fruit infused water and you will feel full.

4. Walk, walk, walk:

Folks another golden rule to stay fit even without the gym is walking. Start by walking for 30 minutes every day and then pace your walking speed and notice your body change in good ways.

Walking around your neighbourhood park or even within your home and improve the blood circulation, keep your heart healthy, your legs would be slender and also walking will help you burn 400-500 calories! Woah!

5. Wrap your dinner by 8 pm:


We know you would have heard eat by 7:30, but it is quite difficult in India trying best to complete your dinner by 8 pm. Anything later than that would only result in bloating and overweight! If you are someone who comes home only by 8 in the evening, then try indulging in light dinner meals such as 2-3 roti, dal and a bowl of yogurt.

For easy exercises that would melt down your body fat click here, we have super easy exercises at home that actually helps you lose weight faster and effectively!

Apart from these golden rules, stay positive, happy and be comfortable the way you look. Keep yourself motivated and we bet you will get your dream body. Share in your views in the comments below.

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