9 Reasons To Read VoiceMates By Anamika Mishra

Books are our best friends. They never leave us alone. They help us grow, learn and make us a better person in a fun and entertaining way. Reading is also good for our mental growth. It boosts our brain power making our memory every better.

Recently I read VoiceMates by Anamika Mishra and in this post I will tell you why I loved it and why it should be your next read.

9 Reasons To Read VoiceMates by Anamika Mishra

  1. YA Inspiring Romance:

There are romance novels and then, there are inspiring romance novels. VoiceMates falls under the category of YA inspiring romance. As the category name suggests, this book will inspire you about love as well as life. It has inspired thousands of youth to following their dreams. You could be the next!

  1. Unique Plot:

VoiceMates, in the book is actually a singing reality show and the story revolves around it. It is really a unique plot and hence, totally worth reading.

  1. Inspiration:

This book will leave you inspired in the end. It will teach you the importance of taking risks and chances in order to chase your passion.

  1. Passion:

“If it’s your passion, it’s totally worth giving a shot!” but also, “Life gives you one chance, you better take it up and give your 101% to it than to regret forever”

This is what VoiceMates talks about.

  1. Talking is important:

Most of us YAs (young adults) don’t really talk with our parents about our dreams and passions and assume that they won’t allow us, hence turn into a rebel. There is a lack of healthy communication between parents and children which needs to be eradicated. VoiceMates talks about healthy conversation between parents and children on important topics like education and career.

  1. Love story:

There is a very sweet love story in this book which teaches us a lot about love and life.

  1. The twist:

There is a HUGE twist towards the ending of the book. I cannot reveal it but trust me, it makes the time invested totally worth!

  1. Narration style:

The narration style is really good. I found it better than most of the YA Indian authors. It feels as if you are watching everything when you read the book.

  1. Anamika Mishra’s masterpiece:

So far, it is the best book by author Anamika Mishra. Her writing is simple yet intriguing which makes this book so beautiful and a perfect read for a sunny afternoon.

If you have already read VoiceMates by Anamika Mishra, do share your views via comments section below.

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