Importance of Wearing Right Bra Size

Breasts are a very tender & important part of a women’s body. This is one part of the body which changes rapidly even with a KG of weight gain/loss, & during/after Pregnancy, the body goes through drastic changes, therefore, to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is very important for a woman to also take good care of her beasts and reproductive system, & one should also not feel ashamed about knowing their own body. so, lets find out the importance of wearing right bra size

importance of right bra size


“Knowing oneself is the highest knowledge”

I being a Lingerie Designer have a lot to share about a women’s body & its basic needs, through this platform as I’ve the opportunity to make my voice reach you. Make good use of it.  INNERWEAR or in modern language “LINGERIE” is one of those topics which is a taboo to talk about, same as other mentioned topics –

  • AIDS

But, today it is very important for women, especially for young generation to understand that these are the topics women should have knowledge about, & why only women, even men should should understand the opposite gender, as we play important roles in their lives being their wives, mothers, lovers, sisters, friends & a lot of other relations which we share with them.

Importance of Wearing Right Bra Size


Coming back to the topic, which is…

“Is wearing a right size lingerie important” ???

Of course, it is, it is just not a mere piece of cloth to hide your privates, it’s functionality lies far beyond than just covering your body.

Points to note down

Not wearing a proper size lingerie/Bra may make you suffer from health related problems, I know it’s something new you are reading and would be little difficult to digest too.

Here are some of the health issues which you may suffer due to the use of a wrong bra:

  • A wrong size may increase the chances of Breast Cancer.
  • If you are a regular sufferer of headaches, then there is a possibility that you might need to change your bra size.
  • A wrong bra also gives a wrong posture.
  • You may also suffer from neck pain if bra isn’t right.
  • And most of all, your breasts will lose their age/ beauty/ grace before time.

right size braA study has been done, and it showed that more than 85% of the Indian women wear a wrong size bra, after the survey it was known that most women doesn’t know their sizes & worse than that is, that they never even tried to determine it for themselves.

Next question which was asked was, how do you buy a bra for yourself?

Most of them answered – Their mothers buy for them or shopkeeper suggests and they just pick up.

Results shocked me, it was sad to realize that how can someone else know your body better than you yourself.

Therefore, it’s a humble request to women to know the importance of wearing right bra size and realize that it is not a point of shame, it is about your own health and aesthetics.

wear a right size braTill then get on self-research ladies.

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