The Hyundai Eon Vs Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 – Car Comparison

Choosing between two popular and time tested vehicles can be an excruciating affair even when you have all the expert advice you need! The cars in question are none other than the cute and compact Hyundai Eon and the latest avatar of India’s largest selling car, the Maruti Alto K10. How do these cars match up against each other? If you are looking for old cars for sale, these two cars definitely make the cut for performance, mileage and looks but which one really takes pole position? Read on to find out!

Maruti Alto K10 and Hyundai Eon

These two cars have been really dominating the entry level hatchback segment in domestic markets and deserve a closer examination in order to choose a winner. The 800cc engine has been the preferred choice for successful hatchbacks in this segment, right from the effective and iconic Maruti 800 onwards. However, customers now desire more bang for their buck and hence the toying with 1 litre engines by both Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. The K10 and Eon 1.0 are both 1 litre engine equipped cars. In this case, the Alto K10 has recently been face lifted and improved while the Eon got its revamp some time back.

Engine Noise / Vibration

The new petrol mill for the Alto K10 is now code named the K-Next and makes use of the 3 cylinder, 1.0 litre K-Series engine most of us are familiar with. In addition, this engine promises superior thermal management and components that are lower in terms of overall friction. The engine is now more sophisticated and this refinement is felt even in terms of fuel economy. The only sore point for the K10 is the sheer lack of proper insulation measures for cabin noise.

However, this is not much of a hindrance when the entry level segment is concerned and thus you can let it pass. In comparison, the 1.0 litre Kappa engine in the Hyundai Eon is inspired by the earlier i10 hatchback and dishes loads of vibrations which are noticeable while driving. However, cabin noise is kept to a minimum by Hyundai and this does impress to a large extent.


Swift acceleration promises to be a fantastic feature of the Eon’s Kappa engine but a certain disappointment is felt at the mid range. Stepping on the throttle does not feel really exciting. The car is fabulous to drive in congested urban city environments but overtaking or scaling long flyovers requires usage of downshifts for sure. Highway driving is decent enough as far as the Eon is concerned and fuel economy is almost at par with the Alto K10. The latter claims to provide 18.3kmpl while the Eon should give you around 16.9kmpl.

Driving Condition

The Alto K10 can actually be a better car to drive in certain conditions owing to its beefed up mid range. Evenly spread torque ensures that frequent gear changes are unnecessary as opposed to the Eon. The steering is a breeze to use and is tailored for efficient city driving. The Eon’s steering is surprisingly heavier in comparison. The cars both make use of manual, 5-speed gear boxes but the K10 also gives you the AMT/AGS (automated manual transmission) option which may well be a huge attraction for customers. As a result, the Alto K10 wins this round and promises to be the better car if you take solely city driving into account.


The engine on the Alto K10 feels way better and responsive. However, the enhanced ride height hinders the experience, especially while driving on highways. Here is where the Eon scores with its near perfect dynamics. The Eon also ensures superior grip and feels more stable at high speeds in some cases. Body roll is ample but this will not deter drivers like in the case of the Alto K10. The Alto K10 will give you a decent enough ride over multiple surfaces but potholes and bumps make their presence felt with regard to giving you an unnerving experience overall.


The Eon looks and feels more premium too, as far as the cabin is concerned. The quality of plastics is top notch and the cabin has been finished impeccably. In comparison, the K10 gets a somewhat tame dashboard in comparison. However, the cabin is comparatively better than the earlier model. Fabric inlays have been incorporated into door pads and this heightens the appeal of the cabin while the Eon makes use of a symmetrical cabin layout with satin finish insets that look gorgeous. Special matte finishing and green switch backlights are too tempting to resist! The Alto K10 has a nicely built central console in a wedge shape which makes the cabin appear larger than it actually is. Though a little bland and minimalistic, it is pretty functional for sure.


Storage space is really limited in the Alto K10 and here is where the Eon scores again! The Eon is perfect for accommodating a family of four with ample cabin space which is also somewhat limited in the Alto K10. Design wise, the Eon already wins brownie points for its fluidic styling and the design philosophies of other premium Hyundai cars have been allowed to flourish here as well. In addition, this car feels solidly built and all buttons and dials are of the finest quality. It delivers performance that is decent enough and should be a sheer pleasure to drive in the city if you are on the lookout for premium old cars for sale.

Bottom Line –  In comparison, the Alto K10 feels a little rudimentary and often tacky in comparison. However, fuel economy and engine performance are selling points along with the automatic manual transmission option. This is the car to opt for if you are not too concerned about aesthetics and prefer good old fashioned value propositions instead!

Yet, if you are into styling, design and the works, the Eon makes for the best bet in the entry level segment. You can find these cars at reasonable prices in the used car market courtesy online classifieds portals.

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  1. Hello Yogita,

    I’m planning to buy a top rated hatchback car for daily office use. My Budget is 3-4 Lakhs and on an average, my daily traveling distance is 20 km(One Side).

    Kindly suggest me the weather I would go with Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Petrol or CNG?

  2. Can you please help me make up mind whether to buy Maruti Alto K10 LXI CNG or Hyundai Eon Magna+O (CNG can be fitted later). Both-price wise and performance wise.

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