How Rich Can You Be!!

Here we have thoughts on ‘How rich can you be!!’ by Manoj Lekhi, He is the Business & Life Coach.

When we hear the word “Richness” or “Rich” we often associate it with money and material value. But in actual wealth is not only money, but relates to various other factors too. In life’s chase of running behind temporary and materialistic things, we often lose track about what we should actually go after.

Sooner or later we do realize that what we have been going after is not worth the effort. What we must value is something that we realize in the duration of this chaos of life’s pursuits. Here is my list which has brought about a deep realization within me and has made me RICH !

State Of Mind: “The more you give the more you get. The more you drive a business with passion the more money you will attract. When you run behind something / someone … it will always elude you. Stop looking for it and it will find you.” These are things that are always said at leadership and motivation seminars by the best and global speakers. Why ? There is merit to it. The best of people practice Vairagya.

Warren Buffett still lives in his family home even though he has the riches to buy a couple of countries.

Yet ! more and more money keeps finding him. Amazing passionate entrepreneurs (without a dime in their pocket) sell their ideas to investors with passion and aplomb landing billion dollar cheques. Silicon Valley is a living example of it. India has seem its fair share of fantastic success stories too. They reduce their desires and focus on what drives them, their passions and celebrate their achievements. Focus on the task at hand , be content with what you have with an eye out for the future … without worrying about the bills. The money will find you. If we go after money too hard, it evades us. Running behind money reminds me of trying to catch a butterfly, the harder we pursue the swifter it is!!

So richness is not only equivalent to money, but to good health, relationships and of course by extension … to money. But to earn that money you need to concentrate and improve on aspects of your life that has nothing to do with money. Remember, money is a result of all the work that you put into your life and growth. You can say a medium of exchange that converts the efforts and improvements into riches !

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Richness is State Of Mind Quote

Raise Your Standard Of Giving : The more calm and relaxed we are, the more clarity of ideas flows into us and opportunities are easily caught, resulting in business growing effortlessly. When fate rewards you financially don’t grow your ‘standard of living’ but grow your ‘standard of giving’. There is an abundance of wealth for everyone in this world, learn the art of giving and in turn receiving, just by reversing our thinking world upside down success would be at your doorstep. Believe in a higher cause and like minded people will join you and money will be the currency they deal with.

Food for thought : Oprah, Bill Gates and the likes have given more from their profits that you and me can earn in our lifetime.

Yet ! money knows their address too ! You can then use the wealth that you have properly and in whichever way you think fit. You can become a contributor to the society. The more wealth you have, the more you can contribute. So the pursuit of wealth, name, and fame is entirely acceptable. We should keep our requirements as simple as possible.

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The More You Give, The More You Get, Be Rich Quotes

De-clutter and Simplify your life : You can pursue greater material success. If you have the abilities and opportunities, do pursue it. As far as your own personal needs are concerned, however, keep them to a minimum. Ensure that you consume less and make more available to the needy. That will be an excellent way of looking at material pursuits. You can acquire as many material possessions as possible. Our own life should be as simple as possible so that we are as independent as possible.

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Simplify Your Life , To Be Rich 🙂

Some of the most genius minds of our times have figured out that the less time they spend on things like clothes , shoes etc the more time they have to free up their mind with things that really excite them.

Like President Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein ! Take out the irrelevant from the equation and see the mind free up for so much more potential !

Be Yourself : Have the courage to be your own true self and more importantly Love yourself the way you are ! This is an extremely powerful source of motivation and growth ! The resulting happiness puts you in a state of passion where you see the best in everyone including yourself and hence result in giving the best to everyone !

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You cannot ‘try’ to be happy with yourself. To be happy is not something to be desired; it is to be discovered. When you find that you are happy being with yourself, you become free from having any other needs. In living an intelligent and mature life, we are slowly creating a mindset that becomes more and more self -sufficient or discovers satisfaction with it. It is not that you can be happy with or without wealth. Your happiness does not depend upon anything other than you.

Your Health– is your greatest wealth. If you have bad health, it’s harder to enjoy your other richness.

Your Health- is your greatest wealth Quotes On RichnessWhat is the use of having crores and crores of rupees when at the end, we have to spend it all in the hospitals?

We don’t take care of our health because we were busy making lots and lots of money!!! Don’t take your good health lightly. It’s one of your greatest assets. Start to expand your perceptions of what’s important in life. Wake up every day and thank the divine intelligence, or the Universe or God, for yet another day of good health. The joy of watching our grandchildren grow and watching our kids, share their moment of well-being with them is what we all plan to live for.

For this we should keep a firm check on our health. The best and most successful business people have a strict health regime. So much so that … the regime itself becomes news. They do whatever it takes to remain and maintain their fitness. And they are fine with others who don’t understand calling it a ‘quirk’. They know the value of their health and want to retain that wealth !

Personal Growth – When you stagnate your business will also stagnate. Invest in your learning on a regular basis. The more you invest in your own personal self – outward and inward , it will grow you as a person and help you meet like minded people as well who you will enjoy doing business with. Remember, people do business with people not companies. How you think is more important than how you dress. Higher your thoughts … the higher the level of people you meet…and more is the business that you do. Learn everyday. Learn from everyone.

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Be Rich Quotes

Your Relationship – Having a healthy relationship with our spouse is such a wonderful thing. Spending our life with someone we love. Our deepest desires as humans are not really money or the material, but love. Having loving rapport with our children. Friends (personal and professional ) are there to help us through bad times and to share the good times. And when we reciprocate by being there for them, the rewards are two-fold, because we gain the joy of having been there for someone.

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The essence of being there for your other half and your family is a joy which no amount of monetary benefits can track. Your friends and associates also fall in the same bracket.

The strongest relationships amongst your business network will give you the maximum business. The trust and faith you have in your business associates will determine the amount of business referrals they give you. Balance both worlds to get the best from each. The energy you derive from your personal relationships will flow into your professional ones. And the vice versa is also true.

My Guruji, Shri Rishi Prabhakarji, always told me that “How rich you are, can be measured, not by your bank balance but by your trust account. How many people are there in your life, who can do anything for you? That is, your richness. Increase your trust and love account and the bank account will automatically increase.”

This is what we teach in our Business Insights program. Of course money is an important form of energy which has to be passed on from one to the other but relationships ( that get you the money and without whom you would not have access to the money ) are much more important. Relation first with your parents, then spouse, children, colleagues, boss, relatives, friends and others too.

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Loving Relations attract Richness

The more loving relations, we have, the richer we will feel inside. Money just flows in when we are happy, joyful and sharing with others.

So from now onwards you just don’t need to be run after money. Money is not richness. Understand the value of above shared points and make your life – A Rich Life. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs and don’t miss to share this on social media 🙂

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