Planning To Arrange A Wedding In Delhi? Here Are 6 Of The Hottest Trends To Look Out For!

Indian weddings are not know for open-minded traditions. The people of Delhi still prefer luxurious ceremonies fit for kings while refusing to leave their conservative views. This has spawned series of peculiar trends that are about to blossom with prosperity in 2017.

The combination of the classics and new waves is an irresistible compromise for both young couples and their parents. Wedding decorators in Delhi are innovating on a peculiar object of experimentation destined to enrich a wedding with out-of-the-box thinking.

The sparkles of new times are rising so, if you are planning for a really trendy Indian wedding – here’s what you have to look out for.

Eco-Friendly DIY

This trend is really cool and highlights the best elements of modern hipster culture. Rustic hand-made invitations, eco-friendly decorations and exquisite, natural and healthy foods are a great mean of both standing out from the crowd and protecting the nature around us at the same time. Is such care not the best way to start a prominent relationship?


The less – the better is an idea that boggles the minds of countless designers from all over the world. There will be hundreds of guests to entertain on a wedding so why create additional trouble for you if the minimalistic approach allows for simplification of the redundant? Minimalism is the only true way to elegance, after all.

The Vintage wedding

This idea is probably the coolest one from the entire list as the parents get to relive their days of youth in a historically accurate setting. A festivity done in a manner their own parents used to wed is sure to impress all of the elder guests while the younger ones will be encouraged to learn more about their traditions from first hands.

Rustic Fresh

A wedding outside hosted in a beautiful meadow or valley – what can be better? There’s enough room for a lot of guests, the air is fresh and the decorations are put to a minimum. This is a fine way to unite with nature once again while spreading the seeds of mutual love and respect among everyone.

The Bold festivity of colors

Bohemian sheik is yet another interesting trend to conquer the hearts of countless Indian couples. Kitschy ideas are long gone and the boho style is finally safe for the masses. Even some of the most conservative family members are bond to remember the brightness of colors on a fabulous wedding day for the rest of their lives.

Soft pastels

The name says it all – soft and tender decorations are designed to make a smooth transition into the life of a married couple.

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