These Gemini Traits Are Proof Why They Conquer Life ( Always!)

karan johar gemini quote

Let us reserve today’s day to talk about the Geminis in our lives. The people who can never be ignored and always keep you on your toes. If anyone can teach you how to live life to the fullest, it is these Geminis. Read this to know if you a Gemini or not.

So, let’s discuss a few things which make them the coolest and maybe we can adopt those things in our lives too.

Gemini Traits You Must Know

They will always win the battle of wits

Yus! A Gemini is the Sheldon Cooper or Chandler Bing of your group. They cannot be defeated in this battle since their neurons are always charged and also their multiple personalities help.

I would sell my degree to witness the super crazy conversation those tiny characters might be having over a cup of Coffee in their head.

Multitaskers, no, effortless Multitaskers!

They can cook for you while Juggling three balls, it might need a little bit practice but I am sure they can. They are one of the very few Zodiac signs who can think about multiple things like a PRO.

You Can’t Figure Them Out

Although, there is a guideline, but the moment you rest assured is when they would become Raichu from Pikachu. This always keeps you on the edge but also you get to enjoy so many colors of personalities in a single person.

Life Would Never Ever Be Boring

He is that one friend who is somehow ALWAYS ready for an adventure. For anything from searching for your lost kitten to hitchhiking on foreign land. This also makes them the best travel partner. In Fact, it is also a well-known fact that a Gemini cannot rest his eyes on one thing for long (In the very literal sense).  Fun fact: KJo is on your team Gemini people.

karan johar gemini quote
Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn, Learn

These hyperactive being can sometimes stand on your nerve for pushing you to take a new class every month. But, you do end up appreciating them for learning a fun skill. They usually have an unexplainable love for learning new languages. Je Vous en prie!

You Can Always Find Them Out Of The Box

These people are magicians when it comes to solving the things no one has a solution for. They will always come up with the most innovative solution to the most trivial problems. Also, their vast knowledge of various subjects helps them.

They Can Make You Believe Anything

Even if they don’t believe it themselves. Geminis have a weird power of convincing you to do anything, quite literally. Have them as your Gym buddies and you will never miss a single leg day. This particular quality has its perks as well as cons.

I almost reached out to my phone to call my Gemini friend and tell them just how awesome they are. Don’t you want to do the same? Tag your Gemini friend or share this with them.

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