8 Weird Cultures Around The World

The world is filled with traditions and cultures, some are popular all over the world and we all celebrate it with zeal. But there are certain traditions that will make your jaws drop and you would be shocked that in the name of tradition, people can go to any extend.

So enlighten your brain and be surprised with these weird cultures that communities follow around the world.

1. Feeding the dead with wine, Rome:

 rome grave with pipe
source: times of india.com

We all know walking dead, but feeding the dead? Yes, Romans follows a tradition of feeding the dead.

The graves are installed with pipes where the family and friends of the deceased can pour wine, food items.

2. Kanamara Matsuri, Japan:


Kanamara Matsuri is an ancient tradition where people worship penis! It is a prayer for fertility, healthy births, long marriage and a way to aware everyone about STDs, HIV.

There is penis parade on the streets where a giant wooden penis in pink color is marched around the town and people, visitors are seen licking penis shape lollipops, chocolates, buying penis trinkets, pens, toys.

3. Carrying wife over coal in China:

In some parts of China, newlyweds have a super odd ritual. The husband has to carry his wife and walk on the burning coal before entering their new home. This culture is a way of showing support and ease wife’s pregnancy labor!

4. The blackened bride, Scotland:

People around the world celebrate spinster party, but in Scotland, there is a pre-wedding party where bride’s friends and family throws eggs, spoiled curry, smelly sauces, tar and anything that can disgust the bride.

5. Whistling can make you poor, Russia:

In Russia, you can offend people if you whistle a song. It is believed that whistling can blow away all your money.

6. Liberated sex Deer Horn Murai, Chhattisgarh:

You would be surprised to know about the liberated sex culture that a tribe follows in Chattisgarh. There is a festival that Deer Horn Muria tribe follow, where the adults of the tribe teach teenage boys and girls songs, tribal dance, and sex.

At night the teenagers indulge in love making where the girls drink liquor as an herbal contraceptive and choose different sexual partners and indulge in sexual intercourse during the festival.

7. Eating ashes of dead people, Yanomami:

The tribes of Yanomami practice a complete weird tradition. If someone dies in their family, the family members eat the ashes of the corpse. They believe that the spirit of the deceased member remains with them!

8. Dancing with the dead, Madagascar:

The Malagasy tribe of Madagascar dance with the dead bodies. It is a ritual of the tribe which they perform once in 7 years, they bring the bodies of their ancestors and wrap them in fresh cloth and dance to live music.

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Do you have any more weird traditions in mind? Then we would love to see them in the comments. Sharing is enlightening!

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