8 Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision, for Computer & Smartphone Addicts

In this gadget freak world, we spend half of our day reading, playing, chatting, watching on our dear smartphone. But little did we know that our eyes are under constant strain and need a rest. The threshold of your eyes is 25 degrees downwards irrespective of your position.

As long as you let your eyes drop till 25 degrees, your eyes are fine, beyond that you are giving trouble to your eyes. Luckily our eyes are at a complete rest only when we sleep. If you don’t want to lose your natural eyesight and don’t want your eyes to be hidden behind specs, then it’s time to pamper your eyes.

If you are someone who can’t be without exercising, then spend some time exercising your eyes. Yes, folks start exercising your eyes and your eyes would be thankful to you. Not only gadgets but even the dust particles, pollution are responsible in straining your eyesight.

Along with exercise, eat a healthy diet that would help in providing right vitamins for your beautiful eyes. We have listed easy eye exercises that would help in relaxing your strained eyes and you can easily do it at your desk or even during commercial breaks.

1. Palming Exercise:

Palming exercise for eye

One of the easiest exercise which you can do when you take a break from your work, studying or even watching TV for long hours.

How to do:
1. Firstly rub your palms till you feel them warm and then gently place them over your closed eyes.
2. Be in this position for 30 seconds and relax, don’t press your face with your palms. Repeat this again for 2 minutes, your eyes would feel relaxed.

2. Sideways Exercise:

Sideways eye exercise - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

You can do this easy peasy exercise with or without your thumb finger. We recommend you do this exercise daily for a complete relaxation.

How to do:
1. If you are using your thumb, then sit down comfortably and lift your arm to your eye level.
2. Lift your thumb up and make your eye focus on the thumb. Keep your head in straight and fixed position and slowly move your arm towards right along with it move your eyes towards right too.
3. Bring it back to the center, and then continue this for the left side. Repeat this for five times and you would feel your eyes relaxing.
You can do the same steps without your thumb and move your eyes sideways from left to right.

3. Focus Exercise:

Focus exercise for the eye - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

source: stylesatlife.com

This exercise will strengthen your eye muscles and improve the vision.
How to do:
1. Focus on a distant object (say 10 feet distance) for 30 seconds and then blink rapidly and now focus a nearby object, say your thumb for 15 seconds.
2. Keep repeating this for 5 times and then relax your eyes by closing them.

4. Blinking Exercise:

Blinking Eye Excercise - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

One of the easiest exercise that will help in relaxing your eyes. You can do in between your work while reading books, TV and even watching video on your smartphone. When you do this exercise, you are making your eyes go into darkness for a few seconds which reduces the eye strain.

How to do:
1. Start blinking your eyes rapidly for 20 seconds and then relax by closing your eyes for 10 seconds.
2. Repeat the same for 2- 3 minutes and do you feel the change?

5. Room Scanning Exercise:

Room scan eye exercise - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision


This is possibly easiest exercise and a way to pass the time too. But this would help in the flexibility of your eyes.

How to do:
Sit on your sofa and casually scan the things in your room. This way you are letting your eyes move across the room and help in relaxing the eyes.

6. Squeeze Exercise:

Girl with eyes closed - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

Try doing this after a tiring day at work or before sleeping, as the eye squeeze exercise is like a massage exercise.

How to do:
1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Then tightly squeeze your eyes shut and be in this position for 2-3 seconds.
2. After this, let your eyes be closed and then relax.
3. Repeat the same for 5-6 times and you would feel your eyes relaxed.

7. Eye Rolling Exercise:

Rolling Eyes - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

Rolling or rotating eye exercise will help in reducing the eye nerves strain and is beneficial after spending long hours on a computer, mobile or TV. this will even improve your eyesight and is one of the most recommended eye exercises.

How to do:
1. Sit down, with your head straight, look towards your left and then roll your eyes in the clockwise direction and come towards your right. From there continue rolling your eyes downwards and complete a circle to reach your left (from where you started).
2. Repeat this five times and do the same in the counter-clockwise direction.

8. Massage Exercise:

Massage Eyes - Exercises for Eyes to get Better Vision

source: eyedoctorguide.com

After completing all the eye exercise or after a long, tiring day at work spend five minutes massaging your eye and your eyes will thank you.

How to do:
1. Close your eyes and put two fingers on your closed eyelids and slowly massage it in a circular direction.
2. Make sure you do it very lightly as your eye skin is the softest skin on your face. Repeat for 10 times and do the same in the counterclockwise direction.  

We suggest you to do these exercises regularly, which would help your eyes in relaxing. Also, it would improve your eyesight and keep your glasses away.

GIF: tumblr.com, giphy.com

So now you know easy exercises for eyes to get better vision, then what are you waiting for? Do pamper your eyes with any of the eye exercises shared above. Share this read with the close once who are computer or smartphone addict. 

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