Ebola Prevention Tips For Safer Side

Origin of Ebola – Ebola is one of the biggest challenges, world is facing these days. This deadly disease started from African countries especially Libya, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana and now spreading in other countries.

Cause – Bats are blamed to be the host of this deadly virus. The main problem associated with the disease is it can be spread even by touching. This disease already took lots of life in Western Africa and people are getting infected by it day to day. Ebola spread from country to country when the Ebola effected people travel.

Symptoms of Ebola – Ebola symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Sore throat
  • Lack of appetite
  • Joint and muscle aches

What are the Ebola Prevention Measures – To keep our-self safe from the deadly disease here we have some Ebola prevention tips and one should must follow these tips –

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1.Do not touch any infected person- Ebola spreads by even a single touch, so never even dare to touch any infected person as there are 90% chances that the person who touched would also get infected.

2.Big role of government indulgence-  The government of all countries must note down the names of the passengers who are coming from West African countries and those passengers should be allowed to roam free only after their full checkup.

3. No problem in sharing same air – One can sit and stand with Ebola patients as this Ebola virus does not spread through air.

4. Burn Ebola Patients touched materials – As Ebola is transmitted from touching so don’t use any good touched by Ebola patients. Burn them immediately before anyone touches it.

5. Doctors must take high preventive measures – The doctors curing Ebola patients should strictly follow all the rules of Ebola prevention. Their masks, clothes, gloves etc must be burnt and the doctors must take a bleach wash/bath to remain unaffected.

6. Do not eat Bats – Several Sources revealed that people in tribal areas of Africa not only love to eat bat but also serve this food to their guests with humble. Since we all know that Bats are the root cause of this deadly virus, never dare to eat bat until you find a sure shot cure.

7. Never use used syringes and blades – Never ever use any used syringes  and blades as these are not only one of the root causes of HIV  but now a root cause of Ebola too.

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