Easy Exercises That You Can Do At Home And Lose Weight

Many of you would register yourself to a gym, be motivated for a week or month and then the whole motivation factor dies and you just stop hitting the gym. If you can relate to above statement, then welcome to the lazy bunny gang. We understand how much you love desserts, junk foods, but hate the way it settles on your waist and gives despiteful love handles. But now all those fats will melt away and you can get the svelte figure, just like your favorite super model. All you need to do is gear up and start exercising at home while you are watching TV, cooking or even when you in your bed. How easy is that? So check out our top exercises that really work in shaping your body.

1. Squats:

We can write a whole post on how essential and effective squats are. Not only they tone your lower body, but even shape your back and make you look gorgeous within weeks. Make sure you warm up your body and then begin the squats. Wide your legs slightly apart and with your back erect lower your body  You can start with 50-60 squats a day and do them while brushing, cooking or even watching TV.

2. Bicep curls:
Tone your arms with this easy exercise- bicep curls. You don’t really need to invest in dumbbells, instead take two bottles filled with water and perform 3 sets of bicep curls with 15 repetitions. This exercise will tone your arms and improve arm strength.

3. Leg lifts:

Start your day with this exercise when you in your bed! Yes, you don’t have to give special time for this easy exercise, just lie on your bed and raise your legs high and then slowly bring them down. Make sure your muscles are relaxed and have your legs under your butts so that you don’t strain your back. This exercise will shape up your legs, hips, abs.

4. Plank with altering leg lift:

We suggest you to do this exercise when you are watching videos on your gadgets. This will tone your entire body and will improve blood circulation in your body. If you do this exercise quite regularly, you will see the belly fat slowly disappear. And we bet this will increase your confidence to a great level.

5. Bicycle crunch:
Belly fat can be a complete torture, and the fastest way to shed them is bicycle crunch. Again you can do this exercise when you are on your bed. After the leg lifts, start 3 sets, 15 repetitions bicycle crunch and after a week increase to next 20 repetitions and voila welcome sexy washboard abs.

6. Reverse lunges:

This is probably the easiest and most effective exercise that is perfect to reduce the waistline. Along with reverse lunges, you can even do the normal lunges and notice a good change in your body.

7. Skipping:


If you want a complete workout for your body, but have no time for the above-mentioned exercises, then we ask you to indulge in skipping. This is a full body workout that requires maybe 15 minutes of yours. Start with 100 counts and then increase to 50 and so on. Your body will definitely show positive results.

These were are top 7 exercises that you can try at home and at the end, you are going to slay like a sassy woman.

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