WTF am I working for? – Cons of Corporate Life

It’s an hour back I realized that writing, specifically blogging, intrigues me. Had never thought this can be such fun. Well what have I decided to write! It’s not philosophical, or is it?

I have been amongst the top employees wherever I have worked. I am very ambitious. I aspire to grow very fast, get quick promotions, hefty hikes and so on. I got great appreciations in short snap of time.

Strangely! I have suddenly turned 30 from 23 in this short span.

  • I had told a very close friend yesterday – “In a meeting, I will call you back tomorrow buddy”. Ghosshhhh…  I realized that yesterday was like 3 months ago.
  • I committed to my parents I will take them to Shirdi this October… well few Octobers have passed since then.
  • I missed my best friend’s wedding – I didn’t get leaves. But I had promised him I will meet soon. He called up few days back to check which schools are good. Oh yeah, he has a child 3 years old now. We are yet to meet.

Good News! I have bought myself a 3 BHK house – with some 15 years of EMI pending. I already had a 2 BHK. Wait! Did you notice I managed to add one complete room to my kitty? What if it cost me few friends and few years of fun! My astrologer tells me I have a long life…

Like every single year, I have set my objectives for this year. I will:

  • deliver MY projects on time
  • help MY customers
  • drive initiatives to help MY company grow

HANG ON! Are these my objectives! Really?  Then why does the word “MY” here doesn’t feel mine? In reality, these are of somebody else – somebody who pays me. So what if I am being paid for this – reality remains these are somebody else’s objectives that I have pledged to fulfill.

My, Real me, objectives would be:

  • I would work 8 hours in a day, 5 days a week, fetch best of me that you can
  • Take my family to a trip – once or twice a year
  • Call up my friends – at least one daily. I am sure there would be plenty – from school, college, colony, coaching classes, hostel, sutta buddies….. many more.

Btw if you haven’t realized,  the “I” here is not me. It’s “You”, rather most of “Us”, lost in the vicious circle called Corporate Life. Fancy.. huhh!!

Stop being puppets in the hands of juggler called Career. It’s a thief that is here to steal all our Fun, Friends and Life. Don’t get tempted by the bribe it pays called Money. It’s just not worth it!!

Realize your passion and live to fulfil it. Use job and money just as a stepping stone, to your destination called Life.

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