Best New Year Resolutions for 2024

New year brings new hopes and new energy which motivates us to set and achieve new goals.

We bring you some most exciting new year resolutions which can bring happiness in your life. These resolutions might help you realize your dreams too which you never expressed.

So here we go –

1. Loose Weight and Be Fit

New year resolution to loose weight

Loosing weight and getting rid of obesity is one of the biggest problems in the race of mankind. Millions of humans decide and plan to loose weight but due to their busy schedule, laziness or some other problems, they receive failures.

So this new year, just take up the resolution of losing weight. Plan your gym time or prepare your diet chart but take a resolution to loose weight to be more fit in the next year. Workout this year to get the fittest and sexiest body next year.

2. Study Hard and Clear Exams

Exam resolution for Students

Exams are one of the biggest ladders in each and every phase of our life in the current education system. These exams prepare us for the course or college we are looking for.

Just make it a new year resolution that this year you have to clear the exams you have been aiming at,  at any cost. Just make a resolution for your desired course or college and go for it.

3. Dream Job

Every year brings new hopes for every individual and one of the biggest motivations is to get a dream job. A job not just for money but for interest too.

There are many who are employed and unemployed but aiming those, do you know how many own a dream job. So make a resolution of getting your dream job in this new year.

4. Wonderful Person

Be a Good person resolution

To err is human and thus we do make mistakes and sometimes blunders but lets take the resolution to become a good and a wonderful person. You will be glad to know that by becoming a wonderful person for others, you are actually making yourself happy. Thus take a pledge this year to be good to others.

5. Spouse

Resolution of new year for spouse

Everyone searches for their perfect spouse and thus why not make a new year resolution to find a perfect partner for yourself. Might be this year is also the perfect time to convert your boyfriend/girlfriend into husband/wife. Check more new year resolutions for couples.

6. Buy a Car/Flat

Start Investing for Car and home Resolution

Its the dream of everyone to have their own car and house. So why planning for the coming years. Just make up your new year resolution to buy a new flat or a car for yourself.

7. Live Your Dream

New year resolution to complete dream

Set a goal for yourself and go for it. The goal might be in the form of business/politics/education etc. but this settled goal must be achieved. For eg. Set a goal of becoming a senior manager of your company then show the skills and talents for it. Live for your dreams forgetting about day & night. As soon as you will start to live for your dream, it will be the best resolution of your whole life for sure.

8. Visit Adventurous Place

New year resolution to do adventure

Do something crazy and adventurous this year but its possible only once you visit such a place. The place could be high altitude mountains, heated up desert, chilling snowy peaks, salty water islands, wild forests etc. Take your new year resolution to visit an adventurous place this year for adding an awesome experience to your list of most fun filled trips.

Vegetarian resolution on new year

As we know vegetarian food is considered as the best for a long and healthy life, so why not make a new year resolution of being a vegetarian. Vegetarian food also keeps one away from doctors and diseases. This new year resolution is one of the most common resolutions in the west.

10. Quit Smoking/ Drinking
Resolution to quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are one of the serious issues of one’s life. Both are injurious to health. If one is addicted to any of two then life gives the hiccups of nightmares. Start your new year with a resolution to quit smoking and drinking.

A Very Happy 2024 and do share your new year resolution with us, below is the comment boxSave

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