These 7 stars are celebrating Freedom with Crazy LIKE App

Want to be a social star? Try LIKE – The latest fun app making Indian youth crazy!!

In-fact not only the young social media addicts are loving this, but also the B-town stars are exploring this like a crazy stupid kid. This creative app is launched by Bigo Technology PTE. Ltd. You will be amazed to know but from Haider star Shahid Kapoor to R.Rajkumar fame star Sonakshi Sinha, everyone is seen going social freaks with the launch of this app.

Let us just unveil, how this app is spoiling the Indian super celebrities?

Shahid Kapoor turned into a crazy rockstar with LIKE app

Disha Patani‏ shared this cute video, Awww we love her even more now….

Sonakshi’s crazy LIKE video is nothing but a BOSS, just like her

Arjun is now a Magician with LIKE, this was an easy move Arjun!!

Hot Parineeti and her even hotter moves..

This attemp by Nargis is super crazy!!

Kapil Sharma Ji, Be Kareful – Becase here We have Sunil Grover -The Magician

Social media is flooded with such bolly freak screenagers posting their videos with the embedded effects and you can get noticed by your super celebrity, just tag them in your tweet.

Have fun and create some magic with #LikeApp 🙂

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