6 food for healthy hair or What to eat for healthy hair?

Healthy hair is every girl’s dream and despite maintaining a good hair care routine if you notice heavy hair fall, then it is time to check what you eat. As they say what you shows on your skin and hair and that is why it is important to maintain a well-balanced diet.

We know how much you love your tresses, so that is why we recommend you to eat foods that are rich in proteins, Vitamins, nutrients, essential fatty acids. You can add these superfoods to your daily diet and you would notice considerable changes within a month’s time. If you still notice hair fall, then we suggest you consult a doctor and know if you are facing any health issues.

Listed below are top superfoods that are the holy grail for your hair and would do terrific wonders to your hair.

1. Citrus fruits:

  citrus-fruits-for-healthy-hairCitrus fruits not only do wonder for your skin but even promote healthy locks. As citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C it will boost good blood circulation, maintain your hair color and strengthen your hair shafts. You can indulge in berries, oranges, lemon, tomatoes which are a rich source of Vitamin C.

2. Nuts:


Daily munch on a handful of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachio and maintain strong hair. Nuts are rich in Vitamin B, E, fatty acids that will reduce hair fall, protect your hair from harsh UV rays, and gray hair. As walnuts are rich in zinc and selenium it will prevent your hair from itchy, flaky scalp.

3. Lentils:


Boost the keratin content in your hair with the help of lentils. Lentils are a good source of folic acid, iron, magnesium, Vitamin B and other healthy nutrients which are perfect foods for your hair. Make sure you add red, brown, green lentils which will improve the blood circulation, strengthen your hair follicles and promote new, healthy hair.

4. Pumpkin:


Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A which is pivotal for your hair. Vitamin A will boost the sebum on your hair and prevent your scalp from turning dry and itchy. So if you have dry hair issues, then you must definitely include pumpkin in your meals and get super glossy hair.

5. Green leafy vegetables:


We just can’t escape from the leafy veggies. They are the powerhouse of iron, antioxidants that are a holy grail for your hair. Iron will strengthen your hair follicles by circulating good oxygen levels. Binge on spinach, broccoli, kale and get gorgeous hair.

6. Yogurt:


A bowl of yogurt will change your hair game. If you aren’t a fan of milk, you should definitely add yogurt in your diet. It is filled with proteins, Vitamin K that will enhance your hair texture and reduce split ends, dandruff, hair loss. You can add citrus fruits or oatmeal to yogurt and get a lip smacking morning breakfast.

So girls if you want to get healthy locks then start eating these foods and drink plenty of water which will keep your overall health in good condition. Image source: 1, 25, 6.

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