5 Most Widely Used Smart Wearable Devices

Science and Technology has made its presence felt in all walks of our life. It has now forayed into the marriage of jewelry and technology. These ‘body-borne’ devices can be worn by the user just like how we adorn ourselves with jewelry.

It assists the wearer to interact with his smart devices without actually punching keys or manipulation. In spite of representing a $700 million industry, wearable devices are facing a very half hearted response.

Let’s peek into the 5 most widely used wearable devices and its compatibility with various mobile platforms.

Fitness Band:

Fitness bands are now the one stop wellness gauger at your finger tips. It monitors and tracks all fitness related metrics such as step counts, heart rate, calorie consumption etc. Data generated by these devices can be incorporated with our smart phone apps to generate a daily graphical analysis of how healthy and productive our day had gone.

It has made us, medical ignorant mortals, completely equipped with how our body is functioning every moment of our day. Most trackers have started analyzing quality of sleep leading to startling facts like, one third of our life we spend unconscious.

Fitbit Alta HR can be connected to any smart phone through the FitBit app. It records all medical stats for the day. It also has a huge user base and offers varieties of challenges with your friends and relatives. FitBit app can be downloaded on all the mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Its sleek slim looks adds flavor to the whole device experience.

Smart Watch:

Smart watch is the latest digital innovation catering to our indolent need to get notified about calls and messages without actually getting our phone out of the pocket. It has been designed exactly like traditional watches meant to be worn on our wrists.

It is akin to having a smart phone on your wrist with a lesser form factor and digital enhancements. The best part of smart watches is that we can reply back to texts by voice.

Apple Watch Series 2 is equipped with an in-built GPS which helps in tracking all the outdoor activities like walking, running and cycling effectively. It goes with iPhone 5 and above and when in sync with the smartphone can literally bring the notification screen on your wrist.

Bluetooth Hands-free:

Whenever you are driving or at office completely engrossed in a task physically, Bluetooth handset brings us closer to your friends, colleagues and closed ones. These headsets also help us to stream music from libraries or podcast without worrying about tangled cords.

Those who are into multi-tasking, this tool can come in real handy as it renders freedom to the user from the conventional way of picking up a call and answering them.

There are two basic types of hands-free that are available currently: Mono and stereo. If your needs requires you to be on calls for a greater part of your day, then Mono would be the best option. This ensures the other ear is open to the ambient sound. While stereo hands-free are preferred by audiophiles who would love to hear songs with a greater audio perception.

The Toreto TBH401stereo bluetooth device is equally compatible with all smartphones from all platforms (both Android and iOS), PCs, MP3 players or any device that supports A2DP.

Bluetooth hands-free can be attached to any smartphones irrespective of their other features. It can be used with expensive mobile phone like Oneplus 5 which comes for whooping price of Rs. 40,000, mid range phone like Moto g5 plus or any other budget smartphone under 10000 as well.

You can use Bluetooth handsfree to receive calls. It is the best thing that could ever happen to social audiophile who can’t stay away from music but at the same time needs to be connected to his friends.

Smart Glass:

Smart glasses were the biggest leap science took in Augmented reality (AR), where it superimposed an electronically generated image into a user’s vision of the real world. Sounds from these devices are relayed to the user through bone conduction sensors ensuring privacy and hassle free conversation.

Wouldn’t it be a fantasy to know what discounts are running on various products in a shop before actually getting into the shop? Smart glasses will our virtual guide from choosing the best restaurants around a place to facially recognize the people around you.

The touch screen on the frame enables us to perform all smart phone operations with ease and agility. Working out with a smart glass would be fun since it can virtually see the vacant machines and can suggest your exercises accordingly and set timers for your reps and gaps between your sets.

Vuzix Blade 300 is a smart wearable glass which supports both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity and hence relaying the information from your Android or iOS devices to your smart glass display screen.

It is designed to explode digital information into our real world with our limited vision. It is also enabled with a HD camera which enhances the real- time vision in spite your visual impairments.

Smart Ring:

Smart Rings are classy and stylish rings with varied day to day utilities ranging from wellness tracking to contact less payments. Kerv is world’s first contact less payment ring where you can link your Master card details using your smart phone app. It very well goes with both Android or iOS platforms.

It pays for our shopping and dining bills with just a tap of a finger. This supposedly works with any smart phone connection and hence gives the users an untethered experience.

Kerv is completely waterproof, and it’s just as happy inside the shower as it is outside in the sun. The appalling feature of this smart device is that it wouldn’t require charging like our power hungry smart phones.

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  1. Wearable technology is the future no doubt and fitness bands is one of the early success stories. I’m still holding back on the Smart Watches till the technology is slightly better and as for the smart glasses, they seem to be a little bulky right now. The Ring looks pretty cool though. Thanks for a fun futuristic read.


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