5 Free Android Applications To Fight depression

Depression has been a topic of discussion very recently because it has been a topic dominating various statistics. People suffering from depression have increased considerably in the recent decades.

Influencers have started sharing their stories to help their followers combat their depression. But just because the number of people suffering from depression has increased gives you no reason to stay depressed.

If anyone close to you seems depressed lately or you have been going through a prolonged low phase in your life than we are here for you. We have compiled a list of 5 Android Applications that can help you fight depression.

Disclaimer: We are in no way endorsing that depression can BE CURED with these applications, it is just our way to offer a help to you to fight it.   


Before taking steps towards treating your depression or your close one’s depression you need to make sure that you have measured the intensity in which they are affected. Different levels can also indicate different diseases, depression isn’t just associated with a person not feeling happy all the time instead different symptoms can relate to different diseases like; Manic depression, Seasonal affective disorder, Atypical depression, etc.

WhatsMyM3 in no way is a certified test to mark your depression level but it sure helps. While giving the tests you will realise that it isn’t a complex test and thus it becomes easy for the application to give you the closest result based on a simple algorithm.

Get the application here.

Secrets Of Happiness

It is an application to keep you happy even if you don’t think you are suffering from clinical depression. You can suggest it to people you feel have been low lately or are borderline depressed or live in denial. Recognising the need for treatment is the first step of cure. This application helps you list all the things you are happy for, it is a very basic concept but sometimes gratitude hides under guilt.

Get the application here.

Fight depression naturally

It is well known to help people conquer the battle of depression. It does so by suggesting you all the natural ways like 20 types of food to fight depression. We endorse getting a professional help if you are depressed but for people who are going to a therapist, this is a perfect application. Since therapist in India cannot legally prescribe you medication.

Get the application here.

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Mood Tools

This in our opinion is a perfect application there is since it has a happy interface which makes you use it more and has features which we didn’t find in any other application of the same genre like a guide for depression which will consist of innovative tools for overcoming depression.

Videos for meditation and soothing sounds as well as TED talks to bring stories of people who have conquered their depression. There is a list of the activities you can perform to lighten your mood. We are especially pleased by how simple the diary feature is and still manages to ask the needed questions to you.

Get the application here.

Depression CBT

It is an application which is probably the most customizable application there is. You can customise everything from the layout to the mood lists to the default emotions. It basically gives you the freedom to choose what is best for you.

Other than that it contains the basic essentials like a diary entry, relaxing audio and uplifting articles, the only reason of complaint is that most of the data needs to be streamed and thus cannot be used offline. There are also certain suggestion which will give you a confidence nudge if not a boost.

Get the application here.

If you are depressed, the best suggestion we have for you is to talk to someone close to you. Don’t consider your emotion worthless. People who love you also care for you.


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