10 Reasons Why You Should Kiss Him Now?

It is said that actions speak louder than words and when it comes to a relationship, actions definitely tell a lot more. If you want your relationship to be fresh and blissful then daily shower your partner with kisses. When you are in loss of words, then you can definitely express your feelings with a romantic kiss. Kissing your partner can bring hearts closer, build the trust and definitely improve your health.

Yes, kissing is a way of showing your happiness or love to your man, but apart from that kissing burns your calories, acts as a stress buster and even reduce your blood pressure. Amazing right? Read more, find out our top reasons you should kiss more often.

1. It releases happy hormones:

When you kiss, do you feel on the top of the world? Thanks to your brain, it relaxes and releases happy hormones or feel-good chemicals that make you feel like a princess in the fairytale world. So dearie, whenever you feel low, stressed out, go kiss your man it will elevate your mood.

2.Tone your facial muscles:

Tired of your double chin or want to tone your facial muscles? Then start kissing! Kissing gives a workout to your facial muscles and tones your jawline. This is possibly a euphoric exercise which you wouldn’t ever want to skip.

3. Makes your skin dewy and glowy:

Kissing not only tones your facial muscles, it even rushes the blood flow in your face and brings a glow that even your favorite makeup brand can’t. A passionate kiss is all you need to make your skin glow beautifully.  

4.  Improves overall health:

Kissing has tons of health benefits and it can be the perfect medicine not only to lift your mood but even fight headaches, cavities, and menstrual cramps. Smooching releases adrenaline that will ease your pain and make you forget about your headache or menstrual cramps.

Also when you kiss, it will improve your immune system, so go boost your overall health by kissing your partner right now.

5. Strengthens the bond with your partner:

We don’t need to tell you that kissing will take your relationship to a new level. Kissing produces oxytocin famously known as love hormones that bring a couple closer and intimate. So girls want to strengthen your new relationship with your prince charming then kiss him- we bet he will enjoy too.

6. Burns calories:

Want to burn fewer calories? Then get into a passionate, steamed up kiss that can burn few 8-16 calories. Love making and kissing is a mini workout and we do recommend you to indulge in small sessions of workout- it will make you happy!

7. Lowers stress:

Stress is 24/7 around you and you definitely don’t want to be engulfed in the pool of stress, so listen to us start kissing. Kissing reduces cortisol levels which produce a stress hormone that does no good to the body. If you want a stress pill, then we prescribe kissing as many times a day as possible.

8. Regulates blood pressure:

One passionate kiss will race your heart beat and dilates blood vessels that will regulate a healthy flow of blood to your heart. So kissing regulates blood pressure and protects your heart.

9. Boosts your self-confidence:

Kiss your partner every morning and see your day turning beautiful. Kissing brings a great deal of happiness, surety and somehow is responsible for boosting your self-confidence and makes you worthy of who you are. So go smooch your partner right now.

10. Ignites fires between couples:

If you don’t want the sparks to die, then kiss your partner as if you are kissing for the first time. It will keep the romance alive, bring you both closer, increase the emotion quotients and make you the happiest person on the planet.

Do you need any more reasons to kiss your man? Go ahead beautiful, kiss your man and feel loved.

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