What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

Slowly and steadily, app after app, our everyday jobs are getting simplified and our lives are getting dependent on the cyber world. All is not good in this scenario as along with dependency, vulnerability seeps in as well. Threats like phishing, Identity theft, Cyber Stalking, Malware, Cyber Extortion, Data Breach, etc. are becoming a wretched commonality.

What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

It would not be an understatement to say that we are all addicted to Social media and its various apps. Knowingly giving it access to our personal lives accompanied by our private information. Stuff we might or might not want to share with the world. Some competent hands can sniff out that personal data from our devices. In case of an information breach our lives, our finances, our dignity and everything one holds dear can be at stake with such data. This is the ugly, illegal face of our beloved cyber world with its various forms of thefts.

It won’t happen to me

If you consider yourself aloof from such incidences, here’s your rude awakening. Internet frauds, cyberstalking, cyber extortions, malware issues don’t only occur with big companies or high profile people. Actually, you are more vulnerable as you have lesser security on your devices. You can be an easy target and practice material for these cybercriminals.

For example, a certain malware harassed Russian citizens. It planted child Pornography on the devices along with a large banner that threatens the owner to either pay $17 dollar fee or authorities will be notified. In an attempt to keep oneself out of trouble, victims did end up paying the fee for a while.

What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

Cyber Extortion


In layman terms, a cyber-criminal/hacker gets hold of your private data and then tries to extort money or other favors in return. A competent hacker can steal your intimate details from your device, can lock you out of the device and even plant some stuff on your device and frame you. They can ‘blackmail’ the victim for anything and everything, whether an intimate picture or a confidential document. A hacker might not just be breaching your privacy but they try to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Imagine an MMS of some of your private moments trending on the internet, unless you pay up what the extortionist demands. Or a confidential document that has your trade secrets being sold to your competitor, unless you surrender some of your hard-earned money.

Cyber Stalking

In a fit of obsession or just for fun, a cyberstalker can track your every breath quite literally.  Where did you go, where you are, and where you are planning to go, can be known to someone you don’t even know.

The online stalker can very easily become an offline stalker. Things can take a horrid turn when the cyberstalker stoops down to harass, threaten or even blackmail you. Not just privacy but security is also highly compromised in such cases. Stalking is a handy tool for extortionist and vice-a-versa.

What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

What should one do if faced with a cyber attack?

First and foremost, keep your devices updated, virus protected, locked, ignore suspicious e-mails and websites as an added measure. Make sure to protect important and personal files and pictures by encrypting them in a password-protected file.

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter by the day. They have learned that when the ransom is relatively low, the victims prefer to pay off and to stay away from the hassle of the legal system or data leak. The thieves fill their pockets with multiple victims and escape the scrutiny of law.

If a cybercriminal has hacked into your device do not get afraid of them. Reach out to experts and especially the cyber cell for guidance and protection against them. By not complaining you are supporting their cyberbullying.

What should girls do in case of Cyber Extortion and Cyber Stalking?

Cyber Insurance

Protection is always better than the cure. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd is the only one to introduce Cyber Safe insurance in India. The Cyber Safe Insurance policy has plans starting from INR 1 Lac to INR 1 crore, making it feasible for Individuals to opt for it.

The Cyber Insurance covers a wide variety of cyber threats and their repercussions. What’s important is that it also covers your Defense costs, along with the IT service cover and counseling services.

We hope you and your data remain safe but at the same time, it is important to be aware of such incidences and to take necessary actions to protect oneself. Cyber insurance is one such safety net that will help you through cybercrime.

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