“The Spirit of the River” book launched by Anupam Kher, Read it to Fight with depression!!

“The Spirit of the River”, a spiritual fiction, based on the concept of depression launched by Anupam Kher in presence of author of the Novel Karina Arora and the CEO of Hay House publishers Ashok Chopra.

While asking Anupam about the book at launch in Delhi he narrated, “This book is about the sense of loss, about losing parents in such an age, and how the young girl Zoe copes up with the sense of loss she been through, is the most amazing factor of the book.”

Whereas on talking terms about depression among youngsters, Anupam stated, “I think today’s youth has the stress about fitting into circumstances, like, ‘I want to fit in, I want to look cool’ this is one of the biggest reason for them to get indulge in such a stressful zone.”

On materialistic things and social media, he said, “You cannot be constantly with machines, like mobile internet and things like that, on certain stage you will become like a machine. Information turns into knowledge only by going through life, otherwise it will be just information.”

On the other side the author of the book Karina Arora, shared her own views and thoughts regarding the same, she says, “This book is about your inner self, it is about what are you from inside, not about the outside factor and what you look like. Writing a book is one of the ways to cope up with depression. This is a very far out concept, I haven’t experienced this situation personally, but as I read several books, I have different outlook and perspective for life.”

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