Quit Tube lights and Make Your Home a Smart home with Energy Saving Orient LED Battens

That white glow stick on your wall which takes a couple of minutes, some choke rotations and 5 flickers to start is outdated. We probably already know that but we tend to unconsciously follow the motto ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Having said so, the time has come that we say goodbye to those flickering tubelights and replace them with a new-age lighting solution which is already on the shelves.

 What To Replace The Conventional Tube lights With?

While we have moved from incandescent bulbs to CFLs to LED bulbs now, most of us are still stuck with the tubelights and have reluctantly accepted the longstanding issue of flickering light. But when there is a solution, why to stick to the same old technology.

It’s time to opt for the new-age LED battens that are far more efficient than the conventional tubelights and deliver significant cost and energy savings. For example, Orient Electric, one of the leading names in Indian consumer electricals space, has recently launched its new range of LED Battens which come without any choke or starter and provide glare-free and flicker-free lighting for years.

Orient LED Battens are not only highly energy efficient but flaunt decorative slim design that will suit the most home interiors. Whether it’s a residential space or a commercial setting, Orient LED battens make for an ideal replacement for conventional FTLs.

 Why Switch?

Here is a calculation which will help you understand the money you are splurging on Tube lights without your knowledge and how it can be minimized.

It goes for both, Tube lights installed in both residential as well as commercial spaces. We have considered a cost of Rs. 6 per unit and an average 10 hours daily usage. For reference, we have compared tube lights with Orient LED Battens.

Replacing one 40-watt conventional tube light with an 18-watt Orient LED batten gives an annual saving of about Rs. 480* per household while also saving 80 kWh of annual energy and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 0.03 tons. (*Electricity cost @ Rs. 6 per unit)

According to statistics, the total households in India is 24.8 crore, if every house uses 2 LED battens on an average, then we will get; Annual Cost Savings = Rs. 24000 crore approx. Annual Energy Savings = 4000 crore kWh approx. This perfectly explains the kind of impact we can achieve with the replacement of traditional tubelights with LED battens.

Try this energy calculator- https://www.orientelectric.com/calculate-savings

Key features of Orient LED Batten at a glance

  • It has no starter or choke and doesn’t flicker at all.
  • Available in 1ft, 2ft and 4ft variants to suit all spaces.
  • Available in 5, 10, 18, 20 and 22-watt, so that you can choose the one according to your lighting needs.
  • Decorative slim design with ease of installation
  • High Luminous efficacy in comparison to the conventional tubelights.
  • Lifespan of over 10 years (20,000 hours)
  • Use of high-grade polycarbonate co-extrusion ensures durability and long product life
  • The biggest perk is that it gives up to 80% energy savings in comparison to conventional FTLs.

With the advancements in technology, we are quickly moving towards sleeker, smarter and energy-efficient devices. So, there is no reason we should be stuck with the inefficient, old-age lighting solution like a tubelight.

It’s time to make a switch to the cost-effective and energy-efficient LED Battens. You can order Orient LED batten directly from their website, just like we did and enjoy flicker-free lighting for years.

You can shop these LED Battens from their E-shop – http://www.orientelectriceshop.com/

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