Love Yourself Because You Deserve it

We all know the power of three magical words that are I LOVE YOU. Everyone has said these fascinating words to someone or the other once in their lifetime. Either to their parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend or husband but almost all of us has forgotten the most important person who truly deserves this magic is we ourselves.

This is worth giving a thought, how often do you love yourself, think about yourself or pamper or take care of yourself. You always have time to think of your close ones, take care of them but why the closest person is neglected who will always be with you, who will never cheat or betray you this person is yourself. This concept of loving yourself is called self-love.

Self-love is unknown for most of the people. Let’s try to discover the importance of self-love and try to get a better life.

The question arises here Why Self-love?

It may seem to be selfish but no there is a difference between self-love and selfishness, the more you love yourself the more you’ll love others. Self-love gives happiness from within and when you are happy from inside you are likely to become a more positive and joyful person.

Self Love Quotes and Sayings

Positive vibes are the key to achieve anything or everything in life. To bring this positivity you need to know yourself and get rid of all the negativity.

Love is divine, a cure for almost all diseases. Bring this love for yourself and see how it changes your perspective of life. To discover this love first you need to realize what things are stopping you from loving yourself. Here are some possible thoughts that come in the way of self-love:

  • Negativity, Thinking negative of yourself or having a feeling of complex keeps you away from loving yourself.
  • Feeling of guilt or regret of past actions makes you feel that you are a bad person or you are unable to forget that past event which affects your present.
  • Failure, losing and winning is a part of life but sometimes people take the sole responsibility of failure on themselves therefore in spite of learning from their failure they get discouraged. Then they say that they can’t do anything in life or they are losers.
  • Anger, failure and anger are co-related when someone fails they get angry on themselves. Anger and love are usually two extreme opposites; an angry mind cannot think positive or feel the love.
  • Thinking bad about your appearance, body or looks these are the creation of God. If you think you don’t look good from outside try to discover your inner beauty, the beauty of mind and soul. Outside beauty my fade as you age but your inner beauty will last forever. To achieve this beauty of mind you must stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself. Remember beauty comes from mind not from body.
  • Taking criticism negatively on yourself. Some people may criticize your actions they may be your close ones, your parents, friends, teachers, etc. their criticism is for your good if you take it negatively then there are more chances of failure than success plus you will inculcate false feelings like no one likes me, I am of no use, etc. So to avoid this you need to accept criticism positively.

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These are some of the hurdles that may come across on the pathway of self-love. It is said that love makes the world go round so to achieve this love for yourself you need to respect and appreciate yourself. When you will have a habit of loving yourself you will not find any difficulty in loving others.

Self Love quotes with YogitaStart loving yourself and see how everything will be divine for you, you will realize how beautiful the world is, the people around you are not so bad, you will start looking your life from a new aspect which will change you entirely.

So give a chance for love to enter your life, start admiring and appreciating yourself, spend more time with yourself, always wear a smile, respect yourself, listen to good music and read inspirational books, happily accept your life as it is, find joy in small things, share your thoughts with others, try to be satisfied with whatever you have as there are many unfortunates in the world who are deprived of basic things in life so thank the almighty for this life.

Conclusion: There are numerous reasons for sadness but find one to be happy. If you don’t love yourself you can’t give love to others. To find heaven don’t wait until you die, start loving yourself you will find it right here.

The great God has given you the gift of life; accept this gift with love and joy. Don’t search for someone to love, discover this love within you, be a best friend for yourself and see how you achieve all the success you desire in life.

You have got this life to live choice is yours to live either happily or unhappily with sorrows and regrets so why not live it joyfully and happily.

Think upon these beautiful lines said by Lucille Ball Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”.

Above lovable write up is by Naina Makhija – Naina is a Post-Graduate from India. She is working in SEO field. She is passionate for writing inspirational articles, few incidents in her life made her realize the importance of self-motivation and courage. She believes you cannot change your destiny but you can always work on yourself for becoming a better person. You can read her personal blog:

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