List of Free Online learning Websites in India

Everything around us constantly changes, change is inevitable; we just have to adapt according to the change and make the most out of it. In technology it is even truer; technology gives us new definition to everything from communication to socialization, from shopping to traveling, etc. Education is not far behind to adapt according to the change in technology. The locus of getting a tuition class from a private institution is shifting to online tuition and booking classes or sessions for a particular topic. Over the last few years, online tutoring sites have really gained popularity.

The reason is that people just don’t have the time or the money to spend at an actual tutoring center. Online tutoring is an ideal solution as it can be done at home, on a computer or mobile device, and is usually a much cheaper alternative. Here are the few websites that are revolutionizing learning and teaching, and really exploring the Education Technology.

1. Vedantu
This company is the major key player in online education and claims to democratize the education system by putting Student in the centre of all learning process. It offers one to one, one to many and InstaLearn to its students in class 6 to 12 math and science courses and various entrance exams. Teacher uses in house developed web interface to teach and communicate with students. Company charges 10% of the earning from the teacher. After applying teacher have to give demo class Vedantu call center provide students for the teacher initially which can be later converted to daily tutoring classes. It is one of the best places for the teacher in term of 24X7 supports for helping in possibly every matter from booking classes to training and content.

2. My private tutor
My private tutor website provides a wide range of course for students and handsome earning for teacher .Teacher can teach using online tutoring or by working at their centre in the major cities. Students can request a trial class anytime and after finding the teacher suitable they can continue to study further. Available course include class 6 to 12 (All boards), various competitive exam and IT courses. It has got centre in various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Teacher need to buy subscription to contact student and to take classes using their platform. After subscription teacher can communicate the student and start taking the class.

3. BharatTutor
It one of the most widely used website by students in India for finding teachers. It provide a platform for student and teacher to interact and find teachers suitable for their requirement. Teacher can communicate to student for suitable teaching job. Teacher can teach in the evening and weekend as per their availability. Teaching mode is personal one to one and class room teaching using inbuilt whiteboard. Company does not charges any service for its services and also helps to promote teacher/tutor in various social media platform.

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4. Expert Tutor
Experttutor is online Education Company which provides its services in many cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala and other places in India. Experttutor gives services like  Online Coaching Classes for student of all grades, and also we provide coaching for CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE, CET, GMAT, GRE & TOEFL .Expert Tutor is started by Focus Group that which focuses on personalize one to one online classes for different subjects from classes 6 to 12 and, competitive exams and professional courses like CA,CS. The Experttutor .Portal is also a platform for teacher and also provide various tool to help teacher in their teaching, communication, and session scheduling and curriculum tracker.

5. ClueUp
ClueUp is an integration of technology and education in the most personalized and fun way possible. It is evolved from the idea of neighbors teaching neighbors; it provides an environment of personalized learning with a user defined and user friendly approach. Also it gamifies the process of learning by involving a level up system, achievements and much more. With ClueUp students gets to learn their regular school and college subjects as well can develop skills in music, cooking, foreign language, etc. It also facilitates you to Become a Tutor to find students of your subject in your proximity.

Tutors can monetize their skills and let others learn from, and a chance to share your knowledge with others. By taking more classes through ClueUp, tutors get highly recognized in their locality by increasing their level and ratings from students and hence get more opportunity to teach. Users get a user friendly tech approach and a personalized interactive education approach by taking up our service.

6. TutorIndia
The website is primarily designed to provide a platform for teacher as well as students and further help them in their requirements. It helps students to find good teacher from their comfort of their home and also allows teacher to meet with student and then engage them in online tuition and assignments help. All the service are free but it also provide paid service to the student and teacher for their specific requirement.

Teacher can also list themselves for home tuition in their city or town. The website provide only a meeting place for both student and teacher. It does not help teacher in term of communication and session scheduling and payment. Teacher has to do all the job by themselves by contacting the student and having an agreement regarding teaching content, timing and pricing. Teacher has to use Skype and online whiteboard to teach.

7. Eduwizads India
Started in 2007 in India Eduwizard have 100,000 registered students and provide home tuition option in Delhi and Bangalore and online tuition in all over India and in USA. Registration for tutor is free and company will charge some percentage of tutor’s income as transaction fee. Company also provides online tutoring jobs for Indian tutor to teach USA students. Teacher should have good communication skill in natural English along with subject knowledge.

8. Smart thinking
Smarthinking is an excellent online tutoring service for college and high school students. The writing center and whiteboard are excellent features that make this service stand out. The company’s customer service is quick to respond and is guaranteed to help you with any struggles you might have. Smarthinking is a smart choice to turn to for online tutoring services if you find that you aren’t doing your best in your high school or college classes and you need help with your homework.

9. online tutoring is extremely competitive when compared with other online tutoring service s, and it is one of the better online tutoring companies available today. With a whiteboard for studying sessions and AP course help, your child can get homework help and succeed. With pricing plan options, this company makes it easy to find something that suits your budget and needs. is a solid choice for anyone who wants to help their child understand a topic, get simple homework help, or improve his grades.

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10. Eduboard
Eduboard provides help in standard subjects like math and science, but it also offers tutoring in languages and advanced subjects. There’s also a special program specifically for test prep, including SAT/ACT.

The screened and expert tutors are at the ready whenever you need them, and the virtual classroom tools will help enhance any student’s online learning experience. Tutor profiles make it easy to pick which tutor will best fit the needs of your child. Eduboard will give you everything you need in an online tutoring service.

Thanks for reading us. Do share your experience with any of free online learning websites that you are using being an Indian.

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